Screening: Neil Ira Needleman, Black Maria Film Festival (traveling)

Neil’s new video “Uncle Hyman Cleans Up” was a third-prize winner at the 2007 Black Maria Film Festival. It is now currently traveling with the festival around the country. The work features Ira’s 96-year-old uncle and a lesson in making ourselves useful. As in most of Ira’s work, an unfiltered, vérité-delivered love of family shares itself with a wicked sense of humor.

Neil’s video in Vol. 2 of the JSF “Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn”–featuring two elderly aunts–was aptly deemed a kvetchumentary by someone around here, a filmic term that has yet to enter the lexicon and still results in only a single Google hit (the one from this blog). Someday it’ll take off.

Go HERE for the festival’s schedule.

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