Opportunities for Short Film if You Like Music

The Film2Music Competition was recently announced by the composer Kubilay Uner. You provide the visuals to one of the tracks off of his new cd (“Cinematic”), he provides an esteemed jury and a sizable set of prizes. Grand Prize=$10,000; two Second Prizes=$1,000 each; Online Audience Award=$5,000. You’ll probably agree that this is pretty good money for short film, these days. Plus there are meetings with some Hollywood film types.

Visit the competition’s website HERE. You can listen to the tracks and visit Kubilay’s website, as well. You might note how professional the websites are; I started to get suspicious, so I wrote to them and asked if it was all some cross-promotional corporate deal—you know, e.g., some Viacom/Paramount/MTV synergy of evil. Well, Kubilay wrote me back personally and told me that it’s not. Apparently he has some Hollywood friends that are helping out, but that it’s an independent venture. Plus, the music is not commercial stuff. Again, check out his website.

Another somewhat similar competition I’ve found is being hosted by the band The Residents and the Metropolitan Museum of Art—“The River of Crime Community Art Project.” Filmmakers are invited to provide a film for a 1:30 track off of “River of Crime,” their new CD (of sorts). They’ll post the winner on YouTube and it’ll show at MoMA. See the previous post for how we feel about YouTube, and MoMA’s pretty cool, too.

Anyway, there are worse reasons to make a short film. At least one of the JSF’s many films was created to accompany a piece of music (“Cakewalk” by Jeff Economy (JSF, Vol.2)), and we’re very fond of it.

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