How to Get Your Short Film Reviewed, and YouTube: What Is It Good For?

The other day a filmmaker wrote in and asked how one might get one’s short film reviewed. I sent the question out to several JSF vets, and a general response came back: good freakin’ luck.

Fortunately, there are some exceptions, however rare. We were happy to read a review of three short films in Volume 1 of the JSF that appeared in the new issue of Film International. And we had more good news yesterday with the review of Brian Liloia’s (JSF, Vol.4) film “Sí, Se Puede!” on today’s Cinematical. Erik Davis writes a weekly feature called “Eat My Shorts: Something Different,” and yesterday he drew attention to Brian’s documentary and to the Journal. He invites people to submit their short films to him for his weekly inclusions. So voila.

Sure, Erik’s feature directs you to online films, but you can’t blame him: that’s where most of the films are. The JSF can only publish four DVD’s a year, right? Anyway, if one is open to competing with online films, there is at least one more website to submit your film to: The Daily Reel. This site promises to “showcase the best in online video” by sifting through it all and recommending a daily Top 10. We can’t vouch for the films, but Anthony Kaufman is one of the reviewers, and he’s okay by us.

Around the office, the only online videos we find ourselves watching are things crashing and things about to crash.

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