Lightboxes and Video Art in San Antonio

If you find yourself in San Antonio this month, stop by the Salon Mijangos to see the work of Leslie Raymond (JSF, Vol.1). Last Saturday night, Leslie and Jason Jay Stevens (comprising Potter-Belmar Labs) performed there to open the exhibit. Their filmic performances are “improvised cinema”—live-mixing audio and video, weaving sampled media and original work. The JSF published a piece of their work in Volume 1 (“Amelita Destruction”), but beholding it live is a treat.

The August exhibit, however, is on the walls all month. Leslie says the lightboxes were created “with imagery taken from my video work, and highly worked over with digital processes.”

If you thought San Antonio was devoid of contemporary art, you’d be wrong. At least in July and August, you’d be wrong. July is the town’s Contemporary Art Month, with a slew of events and exhibits all month long. She says there is plenty of art being made in S.A., and that video work is infiltrating all kinds of art. The way she talked about it, I feel like making an illegal immigration- or “porous borders” analogy, but I’ll not. Anyway, viva el video, and buena suerte Leslie and Jason.

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