For Immediate Release: Volume 4 Released Today

It only comes around four times a year, so every release day is a celebration, around here. Today is more special than most because we’re having a screening tonight downtown.

The Journal is still dependent on word-of-mouth support, so please spread the news. Below is the press release.

for immediate release

The Journal of Short Film releases Volume 4 (Summer 2006)

Columbus, OH (August 8, 2006) The Journal of Short Film released Volume 4 (Summer 2006) today. Its ten films represent five different countries and nearly every genre of film imaginable. The summer volume contains more than the usual thrills and comedy, but maintains the Journal’s manic commitment to diversity.

The JSF is a quarterly DVD providing its subscribers collections of exceptional, peer-reviewed short films. It was the first DVD publication to make the Top 10 list of BEST MAGAZINES for 2005 in The Library Journal.

Some of the films in Volume 4 have appeared at the Cannes, Sundance, or Toronto festivals. Comedies come from the Basque region, the offices of The Onion, and the Columbia University film school. A noirish thriller comes from England. Two very different films about immigration come from Hungary and New Jersey. Experimental films span the worlds of music performance, automated abstraction, and romantic obsession.

1. ÉRAMOS POCOS – Borja Cobeaga (2005, 16:00) When his wife leaves him, Joaquín turns to his son to help him bring his mother-in-law out of a home to do the housework. 2. THE MAN WHO MET HIMSELF – Ben Crowe (2005, 9:50) Who is Stephen Maker? Did he fake his own death, or do doppelgangers really exist? 3. BEFORE DAWN – Bálint Kenyeres (2005, 12:00) Before dawn the wheat quietly undulates on the hillside. Before dawn some people will rise while others will take away their hope. 4. DUMB ANGEL – Deco Dawson (2005, 9:00) Equal parts improvisational performance, experimental film, behind-the-scenes documentary, music video, and audio composition. 5. ROBO-CLONES – Steve Delahoyde and Nathan Rabin (2005, 5:30) A timely and provocative look at an explosive social issue: the effect of murderous robot clones on workplace morale. 6. THE OPTION OF WAR – Nick Fox-Gieg (2005, 6:30) A soldier is taken prisoner in the night by a pack of jackals who demand that he betray his sleeping friends. 7. WHY I DON’T GO TO THE MOVIES – Paul Karlin (2004, 7:00) The force of romantic obsession and the doldrums of life with a goddess lead to a strange vow. 8. DEPRESSION – Louis Lapat (2005, 13:20) How do you fight depression? Routine exercise, daily work, and an insecure girlfriend to soothe your ego when feeling down. 9. ERRATA – Alexander Stewart (2005, 7:00) An abstract film made by photocopying copies of copies thousands of times. Each frame of film is a copy of the previous frame. 10. ¡SÍ, SE PUEDE! – Brian Liloia (2006, 14:00) A timely documentary giving a voice to undocumented immigrants currently facing reform issues in the United States.

The JSF is continuing its open submissions policy and will have a guest editor for Volume 5 (Fall 2006). Lucy Raven will join the editorial board of the JSF for its one-year anniversary volume. Lucy is a filmmaker, artist, and founder of The Relay Project ( in New York City.

The JSF is available at and

Contact: Karl Mechem, publisher, The Journal of Short Film,


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