Why Does The Journal of Short Film Need a Blog?

Why? Because we’re sitting on a goldmine, that’s why. With the release of Volume 3, we’ve published 30 filmmakers. In July it’ll be 40+. See where this is going? These filmmakers represent the vanguard of the film world. This blog will try to compile their collective wisdom and to chronicle their productions, their agendas, and their thoughts on short film. Over time, we’ll cover some of the following topics: trends in the field, funding, equipment, techniques, motivations, ambitions, day jobs, dream jobs, dream shoots, best festivals to submit to, grant writing, classes they’re teaching, festivals they’re organizing, not to mention their upcoming screenings and publications.

The Journal of Short Film was established in March 2005 when it put out a call for submissions. Volume 1 was released in October. May 2006 will see the release of Volume 3, alongside the recent news that the JSF was named on the BEST MAGAZINES OF 2005 list. The JSF is putting the DVD serial on the film- and publishing maps, but it is the filmmakers who can teach and entertain us. This blog will share that resource with other filmmakers and with the film-curious on a daily basis.