Looking for 2018 Bee Survey Sites in Select Ohio Counties

We need your help! Can you suggest possible survey sites in Ohio? Ideally, locations would be 1-3 acres (or more) in size, and be full of flowers in summer (meadow, prairie). A patch of woods nearby is a plus. These can be public or private lands.
Counties in need for the 2018 bee survey are in gray. Counties in purple with black dots indicate areas surveyed in 2017. Dotted lines encompass areas with historical sightings of the rusty patched bumble bee, so sites in those areas are of particular interest.
To suggest a survey location, visit:


Everyone can help by joining the Ohio Bee Atlas project on iNaturalist. Upload your bee images to the project — you don’t have to ID the bee to participate! Learn more here.
Questions? Please contact Denise Ellsworth at: ellsworth.2@osu.edu

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