Video clips shared by Karen Goodell, 4/1/22

A Ghost in the Making, Searching for the Rusty Patched Bumble Bee

The Ohio Bee Survey, featuring Randy Mitchell (co-investigator, Karen Goodell)

Bumble Bees of Ohio with Randy Mitchell

The Bumble Bees of the Oregon Bee Atlas with Lincoln Best

The Oregon Bee Atlas

The Search for the Arctic Bumble Bee, featuring Hollis Woodard

Conserving Bumble Bees Across North America with Jamie Strange

Bumble Bees and Forage Plants with Jamie Strange

Heather Holm, Native Plants for Bumble Bees

A few other great bumble bee videos:

Ohio Bumble Bee ID 1 with Jessie Novotny

Ohio Bumble Bee ID 2 with Jessie Novotny

Tips and Tricks to Finding and Collecting Bees with Sam Droege