Compliance update

Dear BSN and Graduate Students,

We identified an issue with the compliance reporting from last week which resulted in students being marked non-compliant for the flu vaccine. Although you are still required to receive the this year’s vaccine, we have removed the flu vaccine from the Student Portal until the issue is remedied.

· You will not be prohibited from attending clinical as a result of the flu vaccine at this time due to this issue.
· You must become vaccinated by October 1. This is a firm deadline. All students must be vaccinated by the deadline regardless of past flu vaccinations or timelines set by employers.
· If you are not vaccinated by the October 1 deadline you will be prevented from entering clinical.
· The flu vaccine documentation must be submitted to or uploaded to MyBuckMD. Student Affairs is not able to update your flu compliance status.
· The Wilce Health Center may take two weeks to process your flu documentation. To avoid being held from clinical during the time that is required to update your status, you are advised to carry the documentation with you and show your clinical instructor.

CON Compliance

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