1. The loudest stellar heartbeat: characterizing the most extreme amplitude heartbeat star system
  2. A Unicorn in Monoceros: the 3M dark companion to the bright, nearby red giant V723 Mon is a non-interacting, mass-gap black hole candidate
  3. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars IX: The Spectroscopic Properties of Galactic Variable Stars
  4. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars VII: Contact Binaries are Different Above and Below the Kraft Break
  5. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars VI: An All-Sky Catalog of Delta Scuti Stars
  6. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars V: Variables in the Southern Hemisphere
  7. The Milky Way Project second data release: bubbles and bow shocks
  8. An Extreme Amplitude, Massive Heartbeat System in the LMC Characterized Using ASAS-SN and TESS
  9. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars III: Variables in the Southern TESS Continuous Viewing Zone
  10. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars II: Uniform Classification of 412,000 Known Variables
  11. The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars I: The Serendipitous Survey


  1. ASAS-SN Discovery of 4880 Bright RR Lyrae Variable Stars
  2. ASAS-SN Identification of a Detached Eclipsing Binary System with a ~7.3 Year Period
  3. ASAS-SN Identification of FY Sct as a detached eclipsing binary system with a ~2.6 year period


  1. The search for failed supernovae with the Large Binocular Telescope: a new candidate and the failed SN fraction with 11 yr of data
  2. Cool, Luminous, and Highly Variable Stars in the Magellanic Clouds from ASAS-SN: Implications for Thorne-Żytkow Objects and Super-AGB Stars
  3. High Tide: A systematic search for ellipsoidal variables in ASAS-SN
  4. A Catalog of M-dwarf Flares with ASAS-SN
  5. Spitzer + VLTI-GRAVITY Measure the Lens Mass of a Nearby Microlensing Event
  6. KELT-24b: A 5MJ Planet on a 5.6 day Well-Aligned Orbit around the Young V=8.3 F-star HD 93148
  7. The ASAS-SN catalogue of variable stars – IV. Periodic variables in the APOGEE survey
  8. The ASAS-SN Bright Supernova Catalog — IV. 2017
  9. A noninteracting low-mass black hole-giant star binary system
  10. An All-Sky Search For R Coronae Borealis Stars in ASAS-SN