Museum specimens inspire artist

Last night (24-January-2015) was the opening of Samantha Parker Salazar’s new show Malleable Matrices at the OSU Urban Arts space in downtown Columbus. Anna Smith, Emily Archibald and myself followed Samantha’s invitation to the reception.

Samantha is a recipient of the John F. Fergus Family Fellowship, and a printmaking lecturer at The Ohio State University. She is known for her intricate cut-paper installations. One of her new pieces, Waking Red, is a vortex of cut forms and vibrant colors. It features images of amphibians and reptiles which she photographed at the OSU Tetrapod collection last December.

intricate cut-paper installation

Waking Red by Samantha Parker Salazar

detail of Waking Red

detail of Waking Red

You can visit the exhibit through Thursday, January 29, 2015 at the OSU Urban Arts Space
at 50 West Town Street, Columbus, OH 43215

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