Empty chairs

Here’s a wonderful essay from 2014 called “Empty Chairs“.  In this, author Azza Cohen, at the time an undergrad major in history, discusses a number of important opportunities that are often ignored.  Chief among these is professor office hours.  Cohen writes:

During a Breakout trip last year, I asked David Super ’80, a professor of law at Georgetown and Princeton alumnus, for his best advice about Princeton. “Go to office hours,” he urged. “The saddest thing at Princeton is empty chairs at office hours.”

I encourage you to read the essay.  Go to office hours.  Take advantage of the opportunities given to you!

If you are in one of my classes. my office hours are Tuesdays from 2:00 – 4:00.  If you want to see me for an advising matter, see my online scheduling tool.  My office is 4033 McPherson Lab.

Seven Suggestions for Succeeding in Science in College

Here’s an interesting article published last summer in Forbes magazine on success as a science student.  The first suggestion is ‘go to class’.  Sounds obvious, right, but in my courses I am already seeing a few students who are skipping out some or all of the time.  Though they may surprise me in the end, such students are typically the ones that get grades of C or C- at the end of the semester.  What do you think of these suggestions?