Alpheus Smith Lecture – tomorrow

The Department of Physics presents the 56th annual Alpheus Smith Lecture.  This takes place tomorrow, October 17, at 8:00 p.m., in 131 Hitchcock Hall at 2070 Neil Avenue.

The speaker is Nobel Laureate Dr. Rainer Weiss.  He will speak on “Exploration of the Universe with Gravitational Waves”

“Exploration of the Universe with Gravitational Waves” investigates the universe with multi-messenger astronomy.  Gravitational waves allow for novel observation of the universe’s phenomena, as well as the ability to test general relativity in the limit of strong gravitational interactions.  The lecture defines basic concepts of gravitational waves and describes various methods for data analysis that enable the measurement of certain gravitational wave strains before presenting the results of recent runs.  The lecture concludes with a vision for the future of gravitational wave astrophysics and astronomy.

The lecture is free and open to the public.  These are usually great talks, and I encourage you to attend.




Masters and Ph.D. studies in Chile

Just saw this on Facebook.  (Yes, I look at Facebook once in a while.)

For anyone with students looking to move into grad school soon, and who would like to do so in Chile, our call for applicants to the Ph.D and Masters program at the Universidad de Chile is open. Deadline is the 4th of November. You can find more details here:

I loved my years working in Chile, and I aim to spend about six weeks in Santiago in May – June, 2019.  Write to me if you want more details.