First meeting of the Astronomical Society

The Astronomical Society of Ohio State is an undergraduate organization with these goals:  1) to learn about topics in astronomy and educate others, 2) to provide support for undergraduate astronomy and astrophysics majors and minors, and 3) to create a social environment for anyone interested in astronomy.

The first meeting is this Friday Thursday!  From their recent announcement:

First Meeting Thursday, August 30th at 6:30 pm

The Astronomical Society will be having its first meeting this Thursday, August 30th. We will first be meeting at the Planetarium (5th floor of Smith Lab) at 6:30 pm, where we will talk about the club, meet each other, and make use of the solar telescopes on the roof. We will then go over to McPherson 4054 around 7:15 pm for pizza!

You can view the society on Facebook:  search for “The Astronomical Society at OSU”.

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