Planetary Science Ph.D. Program at Northern Arizona U.

Here’s an announcement I recently received.

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northern Arizona University seeks outstanding applicants for our PhD program in Astronomy and Planetary Science.
Our research portfolio includes exoplanet science; the formation and evolution of planetary systems; the small bodies in our Solar System; planetary geology of solid bodies in our Solar System; robotic exploration of Mars; laboratory astrophysics studies; and observational planetary astronomy. We enjoy institutional access to major telescopes around the world, and we also work closely with colleagues at the nearby Lowell Observatory and US Geological Survey/Astrogeology Science Center.
We are particularly seeking applicants to work on the following funded research projects:
  • telescopic observations of asteroids [Cristina Thomas]
  • exoplanet studies and terrestrial exoplanet analogs [Ty Robinson]
  • Mars rover/remote sensing/big data for terrestrial and planetary science [Mark Salvatore]
  • Hubble Space Telescope observations of the outermost Solar System [David Trilling]
  • remote sensing of Mars and the moon [Christopher Edwards]
  • the evolution of massive stars [Phil Massey]
  • astrophysical ice lab experiments [Jennifer Hanley, Will Grundy, Steve Tegler]
More information is available at
and through contacting individual faculty directly about their research.
We particularly encourage applications from students with diverse backgrounds.
Application deadline is January 1, 2018.

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