Staying healthy

Here’s something to contemplate as we approach finals.  College can be stressful, and those stresses can be very bad for you.  I think the article raises good points, though I don’t agree with everything in it.  So have a read about Your Mental Health is More Important Than Your Grades and let me know in the comments what you think.

2 thoughts on “Staying healthy

  1. I think that having a perfectionist mentality is what separates good students from great students. While it is absolutely necessary to be able to rebound from a bad grade on a test or paper, we must be able to remain committed to being the best we can be and trying as hard as we can. The article takes a somewhat negative tone on perfectionism, which I disliked. No matter how good our grades are, we can all benefit from trying as hard as possible and striving for that A.

  2. I believe time management issues and imposters syndrome are among the more relevant ones for fellow physics and astro majors. Some people are really on top of their schedules, others are more casual. The “am I not good enough” mentality should certainly be avoided, but like with perfectionism, I believe that it may drive certain people to do better while hinder others who genuinely feel inadequate or not confident. Those last two points are certainly different person to person and that should be better emphasized, but I otherwise generally agree with the article.

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