Volunteer opportunity: content editor / social media editor

29zfzy6i I am seeking one or two students who can help me take this site to a new level.  I am looking for (1) a content editor who can assemble links to resources around campus and elsewhere that directly help students, and (2) a social media editor who will gather scientific and astronomical content for everyone’s enjoyment.

Interested?  This would be a great opportunity to improve your research and communication skills, and that always looks good on a resume.  The position or positions would start as soon as you like, but no later than the beginning of next semester.  To apply, send me an email with (1) a very brief description of why you want the job, (2) links to a couple of interesting web sites along with a short description of their content, and (3) three example tweets (make up your own hashtags).  I’d like to receive your application by November 21.

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