Global Star Party: volunteers needed

Here is an announcement from Dr. Jennifer Johnson.

Hi everyone,

April 16th is the Global Star Party, organized by Astronomers without Borders since 2009 and the International Year of Astronomy.

We’ve had a lot of fun in the past, with lots of people stopping by, looking through telescopes, getting introduced to the constellations and talking to astronomers.

We once again are looking for volunteers to do everything from running telescopes (including your own if you would like to bring it) to helping point out constellations (we can train you!) to checking people into planetarium shows, to running scripted planetarium shows.

We will pay you in pizza and thanks.

Number one qualification for volunteers is enthusiasm for astronomy and a willingness to go with the flow on this, because we never quite know about the weather or how many people will show up.

If you are interested, please edit the Google Sheet at and put your name next to positions that you would be interested in (including ones that you would be willing to be an alternate for). If you would like to add a role (for your personal telescope for example) please add that information!

The sun sets just after 8 pm, so we’ll be on the roof of Smith Lab from 8-10 (or 11 if there are a lot of people) if it is clear. Regardless of weather, we will have planetarium shows from 7-10. If it is clear, the show will be ~20 minutes on the moons of Jupiter, as Jupiter is nicely placed for viewing on April 16th. Pizza will be served around 6:00 pm.
Thanks so much,

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