Instructional Aide positions available

From Dr. Brad Peterson:

I’m writing to inform undergraduate astronomy majors of a new opportunity in the Department of Astronomy.

This academic year we are for the first time offering a General Education course with a laboratory component, Astronomy 1101, “From Planets to the Cosmos”. We’re looking for assistance in the laboratory component of this class. The labs last two hours, with the first 30-45 minutes in the planetarium. The group in the planetarium breaks down into two groups of about 30 people for laboratory exercises. We’re finding that given the nature of the exercises one graduate teaching associate per lab section is not quite enough: we really need a second knowledgeable person who can help answer student questions. We really need astronomy majors to do this, in particular, students who have taken or are taking Astron 2291/2292 or have otherwise demonstrated a superior knowledge of astronomy.

We would like to hire a couple of undergraduate majors as Instructional Aids for Astron 1101. The laboratory sections meet M 1:50-3:40, T 2:20-4:10, and Th 2:20-4:10. This is a real teaching opportunity that you might find valuable, especially if you are considering either graduate school or a career in teaching.

Since this position involves in-class instruction and interaction with students, the pay rate will be higher than for other undergraduate positions in the Department of Astronomy, commensurate with the higher level of responsibility.

Please contact Kristy Krehnovi (krehnovi.6) if you’re interested.

Dr Peterson


In addition, we need a few more IAs for our regular, non-laboratory courses.  Contact me if you are interested at

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