Year in Review

I entered college all wide eyed and bushy tailed, and I don’t think that outlook has left me.  I’ve spent long nights and jam-packed days doing coursework, studying, eating Buckeye Donuts, planning with BMES, and meeting with friends, teachers, and mentors.  Even when I was busier than I could have imagined, I have an incredible support system who help me find joy and excitement through everything I am doing. My ability to adapt to new situations, experiences, and ideas has increased tenfold.  I am doing everything that eager freshman Megan wanted to be doing and then some. I’ve learned to manage my time better and I’ve been able to take a social dance class through OSU’s Dance Department and I’ve begun attending Salsa Club’s meetings- both of which I have absolutely loved!  OSU has provided me with the resources to both excel academically and also branch out to find other passions that I didn’t know existed within me. It’s been a transformational year but at my core I still hold the same values inside of me: I am driven, passionate, and always excited to learn.  I am so excited to use the summer to take courses so that I can best use my time at OSU when I return in the fall!

Current Events in STEM

Three engineering student and a professor designed and built a “RepRapable”, which was part of an open source project at Michigan Technological University.  The device can turn waste plastic into high-quality 3D printing filament, hence the name, which comes from the term adopted by the 3D printer community to describe a replicating rapid-prototyper (“RepRap”) that can print its own components to recreate itself.  The “RepRapable” recyclebot can generate the filament needed to replicate itself on any RepRap 3D printer. The designers were in the Department of Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics and made their plans available in 2018 under a Creative Commons license in the journal HardwareX.  These plans include a detailed materials list, step-by-step build and operation instructions, assembly photographs and illustrations and a link to a source file repository, maintained on Open Science Framework. This was a large breakthrough because the RepRapable is a type of “recyclebot” and there are plenty that currently exist; however, the RepRapable costs about $700 for the components rather than the current systems that range from six to tens of thousands of dollars.  The Michigan Tech creators say that the machine can replace the filament made by commercial pellets for roughly 22 percent of the cost and cut the amount of energy used in creating new filament by about 90 percent. It can also fabricate the recycled waste plastic into filament for 2.5 cents per kilogram, about a thousand times less than the cost of commercial filament. This will amount to an uptick in the amount of people who have access to recycle their plastic waste to make this filament, especially considering it only takes 24 hours to build.  Their plan will aid in the ever growing need for cost-effective recycling as the planet continues to be polluted. It is the type of technological advance that will help move the world forward in the pursuit of low energy/cost, high recyclable methods of producing materials. As a student at Ohio State, I hope to be involved in projects that are similar to this one, so that I can aid in the process of making the world a sustainable place for both myself and future generations to come.


Woern, A., McCaslin, J., Pringle, A., & Pearce, J. M. (2018). RepRapable Recyclebot: Open source 3-D printable extruder for converting plastic to 3-D printing filament. HardwareX, 4.

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Freshman Representative Officer for the Biomedical Engineering Society at Ohio State

I took a leap of faith at the beginning of my first year at Ohio State and ran for an officer position in a student organization, little did I know it would be a defining moment of my first year.  I was elected as the Freshman Representative for the Biomedical Engineering Society at Ohio State; it was the first time this officer position had existed within the organization, so I was able to make it my own and really put myself into the position in a positive way.  As a pre-biomedical engineering major myself, I was working with incredibly driven students, some who had been accepted into my future major and those who had not, but they were all still pursuing their passion for the field. I was inspired to use that as a means to cater to BMES’s freshmen members and hold events focused on what to do if you don’t get into BME, what majors or minors are complementary to BME, and a BME application review session.  These events were very successful and I can see the difference they made our members. I loved the impact I can make through BMES and the amazing other officers that I interact with every week. Therefore, I ran for another officer position for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year and I was elected the Secretary along with a group of other passionate officers. BMES has been an integral part of my development as a student and leader– I look forward to continuing to work with them to create for our members real-world opportunities in the field of BME, providing a leg up when pursuing grad school, internships, and jobs.


Personal Development

Over the course of my first semester here at The Ohio State University, I have grown in many positive ways as a person.  In my Scholars Seminar, we discussed the differences between a fixed and growth mindset.  We also spoke at length about how a mindset is flexible and completely changeable if the effort is put in to do so.  I was very interested by this as I love dissecting the way people think and react to situations.  So as I looked back on this semester, I realize I, like the rest of my peers, have approached life from both growth and fixed mindsets based on the situation.  I’ve encountered obstacles throughout the semester and I’ve seen within myself a change in my mentality, without ever using the terms growth and fixed mindset.  I struggled with chemistry after the first review portions of the course and started to fall into a fixed mindset, seeing the course as a completely uphill battle on Everest.  However, after struggling with motivating myself, I started to actively work to ensure that I was making an effort every day, even if it was small.  Then every day, I did more.  I realized that I was completely capable of comprehending the chemistry material I was being taught and that if I put in the effort, I would be capable of performing well.  As I changed my mindset for this course, I began to see other changes within my everyday life.  I was completing all my other assignments more efficiently, I was getting more sleep, and I was taking more personal time.  My first semester allowed me the time to fully transition into the college swing of things and find my rhythm within the large university I call home.

MyIntent Bracelet


I started playing volleyball in the 5th grade and never looked back. I fell in love with the sport: the competition, the adrenaline, the strategy, the wins, and the losses. Although being in season year-round took its toll, I sprained my ankle my freshman year of high school and had a plethora of other related injuries. I have been in physical therapy for what’s going on four years now. This past March, I had surgery on my ankle to stabilize the ligaments and hopefully be the turn of a chapter in my life. As fate would have it, the surgery did not go as smoothly as I had hoped and there were a few complications that caused my recovery to be delayed. I am still recovering eight months later. I am fighting to heal my body. When I received the email from OSU’s Honors & Scholars program to choose a word for a MyIntent bracelet, I knew my word. Overcome. I am overcoming the limitations on my body from previous injuries. I am overcoming the complications caused by my surgery. I am overcoming the mental toll of being a year-round athlete turned physical therapy patient. I am and I always will overcome. The challenges I have faced have shown me that the limitations I have are a matter of perspective. Just recently I played beach volleyball for the first time in over a year, and it was the most rewarding, satisfying, and emotional hour and a half. My bracelet is a constant reminder that I can make anything happen if I am determined enough and committed enough to seeing my goal to fruition.

Year in Review

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My first year at Ohio State has resulted in many transferable skills listed on my resume due to my experiences as a STEM EE Scholar, Freshman Representative Officer for BMES, coursework in FE, and volunteer work.