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Fairfield High School — Graduate
MAY 28, 2016
Recipient of highest honors (summa cum laude). Alumnus of National Honor Society and Tri-M Music Honor Society. Final GPA 4.348.

The Ohio State University —
Integrated Language Arts/English Education
In current pursuit of a Bachelor’s of Science in Education to teach high school.


Private Tutoring — Literature & Writing
Privately works in-home with an advanced-level seventh grader on the autistic spectrum. Material includes high school-level literature and writing, and work on study skills.

Tree of Life Schools — Teacher Aid
Works at Tree of Life Schools as a facilitator of lunch and recess. This allows for the fostering of relationships with students at the school and practicing disciplinary skills upon conflict during these times.

University Office of Student Life — Office Assistant
Works at Bowen House Residence Hall to promote community, acceptance and diversity through a desk job. Tasks include welcoming and providing information/services to residents.

Sports & Childcare Development — Fairfield Family YMCA
OCTOBER 2014 – AUGUST 2016
Created and developed a gymnastics program for 5-15 year olds and taught classes, worked in an after-school childcare program, officiated soccer and basketball games as a referee, worked as a camp counselor for the summer of 2016.


Mount Leadership Society — Scholars Program
Serves as an ambassador to the community through leadership programs, monthly service projects, and academic commitment. Responsibilities include participation in leadership classes & workshops, and service as a chair for the Alumni Relations Committee.

College Mentors for Kids — Mentor
Works individually with a child at Hamilton Stem weekly each semester as a friend and promoter of education.

Pelotonia Team Buckeye — Executive Board Member
OCTOBER 2016 – AUGUST 2017
Served on Ohio State’s executive board for Pelotonia, an organization that facilitates a bike ride to raise money for the James Cancer Research Hospital each August. Responsibilities included organizing events to raise cancer awareness around campus, personally fundraising for the ride, and weekly meetings.

First Education Experience Program — Student Educational Observer
Shadows a teacher three days a week as part of the entry to the education program at Ohio State. Serves by engaging in discussion with high school students at Southwestern Career Academy.

CCO Buckeyes — Student Leader
Student leader with a faith organization that includes personal commitment and development, investment in others, and several weekly meetings. Connections to a church that involves the gain of multigenerational interaction and knowledge.


Boys & Girls Club of Columbus — Volunteer
Serves as a volunteer at the Mylo-Grogan location, helping with homework hour and recreational activities for children in the inner city area of Columbus.

Coffee Underground — Volunteer
Helps at a non-profit coffee shop as a volunteer barista to foster community and promote diversity & inclusion in an inviting space.


Winning Others Over

CPR/First Aid Certified
REACH Suicide Training

Artifact #3

There is one thing besides my phone that goes basically everywhere with me.
Meet my water bottle.

I bought it for $10 on Amazon. It isn’t even worth that much. Yet it is so important to me.

Now, first of all, I drink a lot of water. If I don’t have my water bottle, I can’t focus. So this travels with me everywhere.

It sits through my classes with me, and helps me keep focus during class and while doing homework.
It saves me money at on-campus dining locations because I never have to buy a drink.
It comes to the gym with me and sits in the holder attached to the treadmill.
It comes to my bible studies, extracurricular meetings, and scholar program events.
It experiences my adventures with me, preparing me for a long hike and making sure that I am staying healthy and quenched throughout my workout.

It has taught me that I can enjoy room-temperature water just as much as ice water.
It reminds me that not everyone in this world is lucky enough to have water fountains with filtered-water refill stations on the back of them.

I think in this world we don’t often appreciate the little things in our life. We have become a materialistic people, where what we have is never enough. But this simple, $10 water bottle brings me so much joy.

There is so much beauty in simplicity.

P.S. …did I mention this water bottle is basically indestructible? I’ve dropped it at least 287 times. And it’s still in prime condition. Best $10 I ever spent.

Second Year G.O.A.L.S.

In my first year at Ohio State, I really began to see the true meaning of the Honors & Scholars G.O.A.L.S. Statements unfold before me. As I am halfway into the first semester of my second year, I am truly reflecting on my first year experience and how I am applying what I have learned.

1. Global Awareness.
In our first year Mount class we discussed current events a lot — and continue to in our second year meetings. We are encouraged to think more on what goes on in the world around us, and to find correct resources, not just to rely on the news.
As a lot of my service last year was local, I did not do much global service. However, this year I will be participating in a Buck-I-Serv trip to Costa Rica over winter break, to further my awareness of other cultures.

2. Original Inquiry.
I am a very curious person. I love learning new things. In my first year, I came in ready to absorb, but in the midst of this, I found that I also had the capacity to create. To teach myself new things and to teach others what I’ve learned. I hope to continue to do this in my major and extracurriculars, and for the rest of my life.

3. Academic Enrichment.
I began my freshman year as a nursing major, and I am now an English Education major. This happened through a lot of thinking and stress, but it also happened when I realized where my strengths are and where I felt I belonged. Mount has given me a lot of opportunities to discover what my strengths are, and my academics provide a way for me to apply them. I am now loving my major and my classes, and with each day I discover something new to explore.

4. Leadership Development.
In a scholars program centered around Leadership & Service, I have learned a lot about what these two things mean. I have found how I work as a leader individually and in a group. I have been challenged to help plan service projects, to fix conflict, and to interact with different types of people productively. This year, I am a committee chair for an Alumni Relations Committee, and it has showed me a lot about the responsibility of a commitment like this. I am excited to continue fostering my leadership skills as the year goes on.

5. Service Engagement.
Mount showed me a lot about what serving locally looks like my freshman year, but this year I am learning what sustained service looks like. With Mount, we are completing 75 hours of service within the Columbus Community. I am volunteering both at the Boys & Girls Club of Columbus and my church’s coffee shop as a barista. This sustained service is helping me realize the long-term impact I can have in a community. In addition, I am also participating in a Buck-I-Serv trip to Costa Rica in which I can experience international service.

Overall, I am truly experiencing the fullness of the G.O.A.L.S. through Mount, my academics, and my extracurriculars at Ohio State. Though I have learned much about them, I am exciting to continue to discover deeper meanings in each aspect in the year ahead of me.

Artifact #2 (Mount Scholars Project)

Nursing is definitely my path. It’s what I feel will bring me the most in life and what I will enjoy overall. Sometimes, though, I wonder what it would be like to be an English major.

English has always been my passion, and I feel like I do my best work when I’m writing. It comes naturally to me, a polar opposite of Calculus and Statistics. English could be considered my talent; I have the ability to transfer poetry from my mind to paper like it’s second nature, creative ideas come to me as if they were being pulled out of a mental queue, and I can write a three page essay in under an hour without editing it.

But, because I knew I didn’t want to pursue it as a major, I found a way to write without pursuing it as a career. I began to write my thoughts down & read poetry and short stories.
This year I have also grown very close with my faith and I have begun to journal passages out of my Bible — it is a great stress reliever and allows me to write down the multitude of thoughts I’m having.

In conclusion, this year I have been really using my journals as a hobby and enjoy reading back through them. My writing brings back past memories, allows me to document the present, and provides a way for me to look back in the future.

Artifact #1: My Piano

Artifact #1: My Piano and its connection to me today (Mount Scholars Project)


My parents started me in piano lessons when I was five. It began as a difficulty; in my elementary mind, learning was not pleasant — I wanted to know how to do something and not have to work at it, so having to practice at home and struggle to learn was not interesting to my little mind.

But, as I got older, Thursday piano lessons began to show me benefits. My grandpa sat next to me beaming as I played Amazing Grace at Christmas, I was greeted with satisfied handshakes after playing at nursing homes, and my grade school friends were intrigued by the fact that I had musical ability. I even got close to my piano teacher and she taught me some very important lessons.


With piano, I gained a sense of pitch; this meant that I somewhat developed the ability to sing. I’m not sure when I discovered it, but eventually I was singing karaoke in the living room and learning piano pieces for songs on the radio.
I stopped taking lessons in sixth grade when I moved to Ohio, but my interest in music didn’t stop there. I learned pieces on my own. I explored my interest in music by taking choir classes, trying out for solos and getting them. I took it upon myself to teach myself guitar.

In high school, my musical abilities brought me to show choir and the Fairfield Choraliers. I learned musical theory, eventually gained leadership positions to teach vocals, and mentored middle school students. It taught me how to love other people, to lead other people, and to be a part of something bigger than myself through music.






Our competition show from my senior year can be watched here:

I also had the opportunity to sing solos each year and gain confidence in performing in front of others — I used to be very shy about singing in front of people.
My junior year cabaret solo:

A duet I performed with my friend:

My final solo I performed as a senior:

With the ability to play guitar, piano and sing, I was offered a position on the worship team for my senior year at my church, something that allowed me to connect my faith to music and share my abilities with the church.

Music has taught me so much — and I trace it all back to that first time I plucked a middle C out on the piano. The piano brought me into my musical abilities that now allow me to connect to my faith, connect to other people, and connect to groups; that is something I am so thankful for.
My piano is not always physically with me (that would have been interesting to try to fit into a dorm room), but the once inconvenient lessons from my youth were the primary development of the music that lives in me today. I don’t have to have my piano with me for it to represent me; it was my musical foundation and helped me to discover how I can use music in my life. It is not my profession, but it is something that is very close to my heart and something I will involve myself with for the rest of my life.


Global Awareness: Students cultivate and develop their appreciation for diversity and each individual’s unique differences. For example, consider course work, study abroad, involvement in cultural organizations or activities, etc .
Original Inquiry: Honors & Scholars students understand the research process by engaging in experiences ranging from in-class scholarly endeavors to creative inquiry projects to independent experiences with top researchers across campus and in the global community. For example, consider research, creative productions or performances, advanced course work, etc.
Academic Enrichment: Honors & Scholars students pursue academic excellence through rigorous curricular experiences beyond the university norm both in and out of the classroom.
Leadership Development: Honors & Scholars students develop leadership skills that can be demonstrated in the classroom, in the community, in their co-curricular activities, and in their future roles in society.
Service Engagement: Honors & Scholars students commit to service to the community.]

About Me

Alesha Rae Telvick


Hello! My name is Alesha and I am a sophomore this year at The Ohio State University. I am an Integrated Language Arts/English Education major with plans to become a high school teacher. I currently lead with a ministry called the CCO Buckeyes and am very involved with my church, Indianola Church of Christ. I am also a part of the Mount Leadership Society Scholars Program, and serve as a committee chair for Alumni Relations.

Here are some cool things I’ve done in my time at Ohio State:
– participated in Buckeyethon
– rode 100 miles for cancer research with Team Buckeye in Pelotonia 2017
– worked at the front desk of my residence hall
– been part of College Mentors for Kids & gotten to know some cool kiddos!

I will be tracking my experiences with this blog. Enjoy!

If you would like to read more about my personal experiences, please read my blog at: