Fashion Around the World

The night of October 8th, the Office of International Affairs put on a presentation about fashion around the world, incorporating student discussion with the project. I’m personally intrigued by the work that the international affairs office puts on, as they both teach about international ideas and work to engage with the extensive international community of OSU. Looking deeply into the realm of fashion as an international art form brought me to think about the significance of the industry within fashion capitals. While I’m not nearly as in tune with the world of business and economics as many people are within this school, I’ve quite recently come to recognize the economics of a nation as more of a holistic concept involving citizens’ functions inside and outside of work. Through taking an environmental class, I was pushed to think of the ways in which business branches out within a community and this discussion on fashion opened my eyes to what life is like working in a fashion capital. Obviously, not everyone in Paris works as a designer, but when a major component of a nation’s culture and tourism is fashion, it influences the functioning of surrounding business. Because of the economic connection to fashion in cities like Paris and Milan citizens themselves are connected to an international industry as well as a kind of international language to take pride in. Not only was this event a good time to consider an aspect of how nations work specifically to observe the art of each other’s cultures, but I was able to hear what others thought on this topic that I’m largely unfamiliar with. It’s uplifting to see international relations within the scope of others becoming inspired by other cultures’ work and I hope to look for more events along these lines rather than only striving to see those that round up the politics of nations.

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