Science Communication

IFTNEXT Food Disruptors Podcast (2018-present)

[Citation Needed] (2015-present)
Executive Board Member, Founding Member– This group provides communications training to Ohio State students through a series of seminars and panel discussions

Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience (2015-present)
Founding Member– We aim to make the science of food easier to understand for everybody in a fun, personable, and relatable manner through videos.

Food Communicators Workshop (April 2015)
Participant– This workshop provided hands on training in communicating the science of food to the public through print and social media.

Science Meets Food (2014-2015)
Blog Editor in Chief– Authored original content, selected and edited content from a team of bloggers and external contributors


Blog Posts

“Renouncing Pronounceability”

“Fear of Science and the Need for Food Communicators”

“An Open Letter to the Food Babe”

“Brewing 101”

“In Defense of the Apple- Move over Pumpkin Spice!”


Videos (* denotes director/editor)

Chemicals in your Food*

Don’t Eat the Pseudoscience*

The Food Coma*

GMO or GM-No?

A Sweet Lesson in Food Science

In the Press

The Washington Post: “These friendly food scientists want to make you feel good about eating chemicals” by Rachel Feltman

Sense about Science: “Asking the Food Babe for Evidence”

Can Science News: “Researchers combat pseudoscience- on Youtube”

Athens Banner-Herald: “UGA food scientist says additives aren’t as scary as you think” by Hilary Butschek

Epicurious: “Pucker Up with Vinegar” by Janet Rausa Fuller

Greatist: “The Right Way to Microwave Food So It Doesn’t Explode” by Marygrace Taylor

Forbes: “Should Customers Fall For Panera’s New Gimmick? Food Scientists Weigh In” by Kavin Senapathy