Traders Union Review of the Popular Crypto Exchange Binance

A quick review of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance should help you determine whether it is right for you. The platform offers a vetting process to ensure its legitimacy and security, as well as multiple applications for investors. This article will also cover its commission rates and trading options. In addition, it will outline the different benefits of the exchange. We will also talk about how to get started binance with Traders Union.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange

In the past, the founder of Binance has dismissed setting up a local office and a headquarters as unnecessary. However, Changpeng Zhao refused to answer questions about where Binance would set up a local office or headquarters, and he refused to say where they would locate them. Binance does, however, state on its website that they require user identification checks. If a local office does exist, Zhao said that it would be in a country with strict laws against cryptocurrencies.

When it comes to security, Binance has a lot to offer. Besides lower fees, it has proprietary tokens, including BUSD stable coin and BNB low-fee token. Users are required to verify their identities and email addresses with multi-factor authentication. Users can also whitelist crypto wallet addresses and see which devices were used to log in. This way, users can easily prevent their accounts from being compromised by hackers.

It offers multiple apps for investors

While most cryptocurrencies don’t require a mobile app, Binance does offer one. For those who use a desktop computer, the website and multiple apps make it easy to manage your portfolio. Binance also offers staking rewards, which are like the interest you earn in a bank account. Staking involves generating income from a cryptocurrency by validating transactions. The company offers no fees for staking, and rewards accrue daily. Distributions occur monthly.

The Binance mobile app is a great way to stay informed of your investment portfolio. This app will notify you of any holdings you have, and it will also give you information on your trading history, as well as trading charts and open trades. The Binance review is another helpful app for those new to crypto. You can learn about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other topics by using Binance’s apps. You can also access live chat and educational materials with Binance’s help center.

It charges a low commission

If you are wondering if you can afford to trade on the Binance Crypto Exchange, then the answer is an emphatic yes. This crypto exchange offers a low commission rate, with fees varying depending on the level of VIP and the type of transactions you make. Some of the fees you may have to pay are: margin borrow interest, liquidity spot fee, and exchange spread. The price you pay for each service depends on the transaction, and the average fee ranges from 0.008000% to 0.010000%. Despite this low commission rate, the exchange’s leverage is 1:10. The minimum balance to use Binance is one bitcoin.

Binance vs Coinbase, Coinbase charges a 5% processing fee on credit cards and debit cards. Despite its low commission rate, the exchange has a healthy trading volume. It processes more than a million transactions a day and works as a non-custodial exchange. It claims to have over 250,000 users from over 167 countries and has completed over 125 million transactions. However, there is a catch – Coinbase does not provide a digital wallet service.

It offers a variety of trading options

While there are several benefits to using the Binance exchange, it is important to understand what each option can do and how it works before making a purchase. There are three types of trade orders you can use on the Binance platform: market, limit, and stop-limit. Market orders are executed at the limit price you specify, while stop-limit orders become valid only when the price reaches a certain level.

The interface of Binance is cluttered with information, but there is a user-friendly interface that’s easy to navigate and understand. The fees for trading are low, making it an affordable platform for large-volume trades. In addition, Binance supports more than 500 cryptocurrencies, whereas its U.S. version only offers about fifty. There are plans to expand the trading options in the future. While it is not yet possible to trade margin, it’s an option worth exploring.

It has regulatory issues

Although Binance is a highly popular crypto exchange, it also faces several regulatory issues. As an unregulated exchange, it relies on a constant stream of suckers and savvy trading firms picking pockets to maintain its popularity. It could easily lose its popularity to more nimble and less regulated Defi exchanges in the near future. In the meantime, it faces thousands of complaints from disgruntled customers and has recently hired one of the world’s most prominent law firms to help deal with this problem.

Although the democratization of finance has many benefits, it also brings with it some significant risks. Cryptocurrency can cause a chaotic economy and wide gulfs of winners and losers. The experimental economics of crypto can amplify the worst characteristics of capitalism, such as the tendency to reward early adopters over well-connected insiders. Despite these risks, the company continues to attract customers and investors by creating a hyped and attention-grabbing industry.

How to Write a Successful CV


Your CV or curriculum vitae is the first step to securing an important interview with a potential employer. But how do you ensure that your CV is well received instead of relegated to the reject pile? Creating a winning CV is a business skill in itself. Here are some tips to help you create a polished and professional CV that will get you more interest and interviews from recruiters.

First Impressions Count

With companies receiving hundreds of CVs for each position, your CV needs to stand out. The recruiter may only have ten seconds to scan through a CV before moving on to the next. To make a good impression in such a short time, you need to have a nicely-presented CV.

Whether you are looking for a creative layout or a conventional, professional design, you can use an online tool such as CVmaker – create an awesome resume in seconds. Be sure to print your CV on quality paper and post it in an A4 envelope to prevent it from getting crumpled in the post.

Key Information First

Because your recruiter has limited time, you want them to see the most compelling points first. Arrange your information so that your key skills and abilities are in the top section of your CV. For example, you may be proud that you graduated from a prestigious university over ten years ago, but the information is less relevant than your recent employment. If you have several valuable points spread across various sections, try using bold text or highlights to help them stand out.

Read the Job Description

Job postings contain information that can help you to prepare an effective CV. Recruiters will often include keywords in the job description that pertain to certain skills, such as ‘sales experience’ or ‘team management’. Highlight all the requirements that you can professionally satisfy and take note of the ones that you cannot. Then, think about the experiences that you may have—such as volunteer work—that can be adapted to fill in the blanks.

Tailor Your CV to Each Job

Once you have figured out how you can meet the requirements of the position, take the time to tailor your CV to that role. Be sure that your CV reflects the values of the company and the position that you are applying for. Try to utilize the same keywords that were in the job description and a few relevant industry buzzwords. Companies receive tons of applications containing generic CVs, so a customized CV will help you to stand out and show recruiters that you put thought into your application.

Highlight Your Skills

Instead of simply listing your work history and duties, highlight up to three important accomplishments that you achieved in those roles. In the skills section, present the key skills that recruiters are looking for and any others that may be relevant, such as being fluent in a foreign language. Skills do not have to be from a professional field to be beneficial. For instance, being a team leader in a local sports group can show that you have experience in a position of responsibility.

Use Space Wisely

You may be tempted to list as much as possible in the skills or experience sections but too much information can distract recruiters from your key advantages. A good CV should be concise and confident—like you—so try to limit your CV to two A4 pages. Try to include only information that is positive and appropriate to the position.

For example, instead of presenting an empty employment history or a list of unrelated casual jobs, fresh graduates should replace the work section with academic achievements or notable projects. Similarly, mature professionals should list only their most recent and significant positions. Employment information from over ten years ago is generally considered irrelevant.

Include References

An excellent CV should have a minimum of two quality references. Each reference should be from a person who has had in-depth experience working with you and is willing to vouch for your capabilities. Family members or friends are out of the question. Fresh graduates can ask their tutors or professors to be their referees. Whoever you choose, be sure that they will be singing your praises if the recruiters do contact them.

Edit and Review

When you have completed drafting your CV, run it through a proofreading program to ensure that there are no spelling or grammatical errors that will make you appear unprofessional. Multiple free tools can help you do this, including the Editor tool that is built into Microsoft Word. You can also ask a trusted third-party such as a friend or colleague to read your CV and provide useful feedback.

Keep Your CV Updated

Even after you have gotten the job that you want, it can be helpful to review your CV regularly. It pays to have your CV up to date because you never know when a dream opportunity will come up. With a current and compelling CV, you can have a better chance of securing an interview and winning a position that can advance your career.

College Kids Are Using Campus Electricity To Mine Crypto

Crypto can be mined according to information published at That involves tracing the ledger and transactions with a computer, which takes a lot of electricity. Sometimes, the cost of electricity surpasses the profit that you can earn — especially with Bitcoin, which has been mined out unless you have a powerful mining rig. For these reasons, many struggling college students are using dorm and classroom electricity to mine cryptocurrency.

According to a post at, college students rank second among people who mine cryptocurrency successfully. That’s just behind people working in the energy and utilities sector who enjoy a natural affinity for working around malicious code. College students comprise 22% of successful crypto miners because they can often use unsanctioned sources to run their mining equipment. Businesses and organizations of all types should be aware that crypto miners might be stealing electricity to earn profits from mining.

Choosing Cryptos to Mine

Mining Bitcoin is not recommended because it takes powerful equipment to make a profit. However, you can make a profit mining either cryptos at home and earn money without investing any dollars except for the cost of electricity and the wear that 24/7 mining puts on your computing equipment. The smartest techniques for choosing which cryptos to mine include the following suggestions:

  • Equipment Limitations
    There are now thousands of cryptos, and you can’t mine all of them. That means you have to choose a crypto popular enough or obscure enough to pay dividends. For example, you can’t mine many cryptos using an ASIC miner, which only works for a few currencies that share the hashing algorithm.
  • Determining Difficulty Level
    The profitability of your mining efforts depends on many variables that include the network hash rate, your hash rate, mining difficulty, market price, electricity costs and block award. The more difficult the mining operation, the less profitable your efforts will be. High-priced electricity could undermine any mining operation.
  • Using an Online Calculator
    Trying to calculate profit using your own knowledge and resources is very difficult. Find an online calculator to automate calculations based on changing key variables. However, don’t let these calculators have the final word. These are just estimates, and you should probably conduct a real-world test to determine whether the calculations are accurate.
  • Choosing the Right Pool in Crypto Mining
    If you get a great estimate using an online profitability calculator, you might still come up short if you choose the wrong pool. You might need special equipment if you hope to succeed because of heavy competition. Make sure that the pool you choose assigns work fairly and transparently. Fees can eat into your profits, and the pool’s hash rate is the most important variable.
  • Renting Your Equipment to Other Miners
    Many people don’t have the patience to monitor cryptocurrencies constantly, but you can earn a guaranteed return by renting your equipment to other miners.

Mining Your Variables

You can mine your crypto’s variables easily by connecting with the OKX cryptocurrency exchange on the Google App Store. Find prices, trends and pricing information if you want to consider a direct investment. 

5 SEO Services That Every B2B Business Needs


Running a B2B business can have its challenges. While many B2C brands have access to a large consumer base, B2B businesses are often limited by a niche audience and a longer sales cycle. Because effective online B2B marketing can be complex, B2B businesses need an SEO (search engine optimization) strategy that focuses on their unique needs. Here are five SEO services that every B2B business should invest in.

1. Keyword Research

B2B businesses face a more complex sales funnel than B2C businesses. B2B buyers are often looking for solutions to specific problems that they encounter. Therefore, instead of searching for a generic term like ‘workflow software’, a business user may search for long-tail terms such as ‘easy to integrate workflow software’ or ‘workflow management for SMEs’. In B2B SEO, low-volume keywords could be valuable high-intent keywords.

Businesses should engage SEO agencies to research the keywords that drive conversions and to determine the search queries that are relevant to their audience. What are the problems that your potential clients may want to address? B2B keyword research results could be a variety of low-volume search terms instead of generic high-volume terms. This information allows you to create content that captures your audience and moves them along the sales funnel.

2. Competitor Analysis

One way to find keywords that work is to take a look at what your competitors are doing right. SEO agencies can help you to analyze your top competitor’s websites and find out which keywords they rank on. You can then formulate a content strategy for these keywords to get a piece of their traffic. There can be a remarkable difference in inbound clicks between the third and fourth place on a search engine result page (SERP) so even moving up one place in the rankings is an advantage.

While examining your competitors’ keywords, you are also able to discern which stage of the sales funnel they focus on. Then, you can decide if you want to invest in building brand awareness at an earlier stage to mitigate their marketing efforts and enhance your impact. With these insights and more, SEO strategists can help you to dominate the competitors in your field.

3. Content Creation

Content is king in any successful SEO strategy. Many B2B sales involve costly transactions and a lengthy decision-making process. Hence, B2B clients demand a higher measure of expertise and professionalism, even before they make contact. B2B businesses need to create content that not only improves awareness of their brand but also establishes their position as a thought leader in the industry.

Providing business audiences with information and educational resources is a proven way to do this. Through blogging, guest posts, press releases, podcasts, or speaking engagements, you can create content that is valuable to your audience. In doing so, your business becomes a voice of authority in your field. When potential clients see that a business is a verified resource, they are more likely to progress to the next step of the sales funnel.

4. Technical & On-Page SEO

Content is important, but its effect can be marginal without the support of technical and on-page SEO. Technical SEO takes care of the web development aspects of a website including page loading speed, schema, and mobile-friendliness. While these attributes are ‘behind the scenes’, they can affect the user experience of your audience and can influence your SERP rankings on Google.

On-Page SEO deals with the content on your website. Search engines like Google have specific requirements for web pages to ensure that they are properly indexed into the search database. After you have created engaging and informative content for your audience, on-page SEO ensures that the pages are optimized for search engines. Examples of on-page SEO techniques include adding structure through HTML tags or providing image ALT tags featuring focus keywords.

5. Link Building

Any B2B SEO agency worth their salt will be experts in link building. Link building works two ways for B2B companies. First of all, link building helps your brand to get a mention in prestigious and respected publications such as Forbes or Insider. This helps to increase the visibility of your brand and functions as social proof of the credibility of your business. Just imagine how much clout a Forbes logo on your website can add to your sales pitch.

Secondly, link building is crucial to your SERP rankings. Google measures your page against the authority of the third-party sites that link to it. The basic idea is that your SERP ranking improves as more high-authority sites link to your page. And with a superior SERP ranking comes more clicks and leads. Therefore, earning a brand mention in an established publication with a high domain authority can be extremely beneficial.

Search engine optimization is a complicated field and many B2B businesses make the mistake of hiring a generic SEO agency that provides mainly B2C services. B2B SEO agencies ensure that the SEO strategy for your brand is geared towards building business leadership, creating compelling content, and optimizing your website for high-intent keywords that drive conversion.

How To Prepare Your Finances Before Graduating

Photo by Jeremiah Lawrence on Unsplash

Graduating college is one of the most satisfying accomplishments of everyone’s life. It’s when you officially start the next chapter in your life. Before you graduate, however, it’s important you have a good grasp on your finances. Finances play one of the biggest roles in everyone’s life, so it’s going to help in the long run by preparing for it before graduation. In this article, we’ll be going over how you can prepare to be financially stable before you graduate college.

Refinance Your Student Loans

One of the best things you can do to have financial stability before graduating college is to prepare for a student loan refinance. Student loan refinancing is when you take your current student loans, and any other debt you might have, and combine it all into a new loan. This is a great way to minimize how much you have to pay on the loans each month while giving you some extra money to boot. However, it’s important for you to know what’s in store before looking into refinancing. Your lender wants to see you have a stable income. This is to make sure you can safely afford the monthly payments. Though it’s worth mentioning that not every lender has the same requirements. You’ll need to consult yours to get more information.

Pay Off Your Student Loans as Quickly as Possible

Whether you’ve refinanced them or not, you still have to pay the debt off. Student loan debt can get in the way of a lot of things, so it’s best to pay it off as fast as you can. The best way to do this is to make extra payments whenever possible. If you have any extra funds, you’ll be much better off putting it towards your student loans rather than a splurge.

Start Crafting an In-Depth Budget

Financial stability isn’t always going to be easy. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make it easier. And none can help you more than a comprehensive budget. Crafting a budget is pretty easy as all you have to do is take your monthly earnings and subtract them from your monthly expenses. This way, you’ll be able to see how much money you’re left with after all is said and done. What you do with whatever’s left is your choice, but it’s highly recommended that you put it in a savings account. A savings account is where most of your financial security is going to come from. In fact, if you save $17 a day for one month, you’ll have $510 in savings. Just like debt, your savings can accumulate quickly if you allow it. The best part is, you can start saving money while you’re still completing your college education.

Prepare for the Unexpected

If there’s one thing life is good at, it’s surprising us when we least expect it. This can be coming into some extra money you can use for that vacation you’ve always wanted to go on. Or, it could be something, like an unexpected injury or your car breaking down. The point of the matter is that you never truly know what can happen. However, you can make plans to prepare for it just in case. This is why you need to create an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a set amount of money that can only be touched in case something disastrous happens. The average amount you should put towards this is at least three months’ worth of expenses. While funds may be tight, contributing an automated amount each month can limit the temptation of avoiding transferring month over month.

Things to Consider

Something we need to bring up is how not everyone is going to experience the same things. As mentioned before, you never know what could happen. Everyone’s life is different, so what works for others might not work for you. It really depends on your current situation and how you handle your finances.

Natural language processing NLP in education and computational linguistics in education involve the use of software and algorithms to understand speech and text in order to improve, scale, and broaden the reach of education in society.