About Our Team

Josh Levine –

A senior at The Ohio State University majoring in marketing, Josh has spent time working for multiple companies, including enterprises, start-ups, and non-profits. His specialties include SEM, SEO, paid social advertising and CRM management.


Gloria Chrisanty –

A senior at Metro Early College High School, Gloria plans to major in industrial design. She has design experience through participating in extracurriculars (robotics, student council, etc.) and doing various freelance work for small businesses and organizations. Gloria also rides in Pelotonia and is a certified lifeguard.








Harley DeNoto –

A senior at The Ohio State University studying marketing. Harley is interested in product management later in her career. She has worked in marketing with startups, a financial firm, and an engineering company.


Christian Cachafeiro¬†–

A junior at the Ohio State University, Christian is majoring Finance and minoring in Entrepreneurship. He currently is studying full time. Ninety percent of his quake experience comes from entrepreneurship ventures.