Meet The Team

Our focus area

As a team, we have decided to focus on getting dressed. The activities we gathered include zipping a jacket, putting on jewelry, putting on a belt, putting in contacts, putting on clothes, and tying shoes. Each team member has decided to attempt 3 of these tasks and continue detailed research throughout this project. Team photo needs to be taken!

Nick Hudak

I am a third year student from Cleveland, Ohio at the College of Arts and Sciences. I am majoring in Strategic Communications, while also minoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I love sports, photography and enjoy listening to music and playing video games.

Owen Healey

I’m a sophomore in the Fisher College of Business specializing in Marketing and minoring in Entrepreneurship. Cleveland is my hometown and some of my interests include health/wellness/nutrition, lacrosse, yoga, and photography.

Andrew Stichter

I am a sophomore in the Fisher College of Business. I am majoring in Finance with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. I am from Greensboro, NC and I like to hang out with friends, listen to music, and play video games.

Thomas Wilimitis

I am a second year in the Fisher College of Business specializing in marketing and minoring in entrepreneurship. I’m from Dayton, and some of my interests are weightlifting, soccer, and spending time with friends.

Lauren Sahlfeld

I am a junior in the Fisher College of Business where I am specializing in Finance along with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from Cincinnati, OH and plan on living in Columbus this summer. Some of my interests are long distance running and listening to music.