International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy

“Drug control intersects with much of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN Member State pledge to leave no one behind. In line with the 2030 Agenda, the UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2021, and the HIV, Health, and Development Strategy 2016-2021: Connecting the Dots, the International Guidelines on Human Rights and Drug Policy provide a comprehensive set of international legal standards for placing human dignity and sustainable development at the center of Member State responses to illicit drug economies.”

– Sourced from bio in link


Criminal Procedure: It Wasn’t Always So

This article is reflects on a “panel discussion about the ‘birth’ of criminal procedure as a course 50 years ago, which included faculty curriculum committee discussions, schools that made advances in adding these courses, and other schools following this lead.”


Personal Website of Julian Buchanan

This website serves as a blog for Julian Buchanan, a lifelong advocate for human rights, social justice, and drug policy, and features articles and pieces he’s written throughout his career. He also features resources and other websites for readers to look at as well, all surrounding drug policy, prohibition, and social justice issues.


Drug War Facts

Drug War Facts is a website that has provided reliable information and citations on public health and criminal justice issues surrounding drug policy and the failed War on Drugs. This resource first went online in 1998 and is consistently updated and expanded to encompass all things related to the drug war.


Marijuana Law, Policy, and Authority

By Robert A. Mikos, Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University Law School

From the Preface of the casebook (paraphrased): This textbook is the first of its kind in that it explores the legal issues that surround marijuana users, their suppliers, and third parties (physicians, employers, investors, etc.) The book highlights the competing approaches jurisdictions have adopted towards regulating marijuana, the policies behind those approaches, and the power that various federal, state, and local government actors have to pursue each of them.

Although marijuana can be a divisive subject, the book strives to take an evenhanded approach to all the issues that it covers.


Marijuana Law and Policy

By Douglas A. Berman, executive director, Drug Enforcement and Policy Center at The Ohio State University, and Alex Kreit, Director, Center on Addiction Law & Policy at Northern Kentucky University

“Marijuana Law and Policy begins with materials on the debate about prohibition and its alternatives, with a particular focus on the different ways to understand the drug and its historical place in regulation. After establishing this foundation, the book turns its attention to the marijuana laws themselves, taking an in-depth look at marijuana criminalization, and reform through regulation for both medical and recreational use. The book concludes with a survey of issues that the current conflicts between state-level reforms and federal prohibition present.”


Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law

by Alex Kreit, Director, Center on Addiction Law & Policy, Northern Kentucky University

“Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law provides comprehensive coverage of the many fascinating issues of law and policy related to the criminalization and regulation of mind-altering substances. The book can be used as the primary or exclusive text in a range of law school courses. Whether for a seminar on the war on drugs, an advanced criminal law course on drug crimes, a survey course on controlled substances law, or a summer study abroad course on international drug control, Illegal Drug and Marijuana Law is designed for easy adoption and with flexibility in mind.”

The previous version of this book was published under the title Controlled Substances: Crime, Regulation, and Policy in 2013.