Composition Identity Post


I’m using this photograph I took at the Columbus Zoo as an open composition picture. I thought that this represented my identity by my love for animals and zoos. As much as I wish these animals could be out in the wild and roaming free, I know that they are much better protected and taken cared for in zoos.



I’m using this photograph as a thirds composition picture. I chose this to represent my identity for a couple of reasons. One being that I love food. The second reason is because I love food, even more when my boyfriend makes it for me, so why not just capture a picture of it?! And the third reason why I chose this to represent my identity is because I love eating and interacting with anyone, I believe that food helps create a bond between people and I love embracing that.



I’m using this photograph as a symmetrical composition picture. I recently bought these glass markers the other day and have thought that they are hilarious. So, I had to use them in a post. I also really like how the carpet reflects into the glass, especially at the top of the water line. There are also two other guys to go along with them. Chuck and Billy have been making all my girl friends laugh, so that’s one reason why I had to use them to represent my identity. I love laughing and making people laugh, whether its from my terrible, cheesy jokes or from cowboy glass markers.



I’m using this photograph of a mini plant as my closed composition picture. I struggled to find something to use since being at my boyfriend’s house all weekend with two other guys living here, there wasn’t anything cute to capture that represented my identity. But, this plant has been sitting right in front of me the whole time. Nick has been low key obsessed with this plant since I met him. It is looking a little rough right now but I starting thinking about it and how it did represent my identity. Watching Nick water this plant and move it around the house for the past 9 months, never giving up on this little plant he paid $8 for, I realized I related to it. This plant represents my life right now. My life has been rough lately and I’m still trying to grow, while being taken care of by someone else. The plant has seen better days, as well as myself. Of course, Nick takes care of me better than the plant, but I now look at the plant completely differently after comparing it to my own life.

The Collective Identity of OSU – Blog Post #2

I chose a picture of the yummy pancakes at Sloopy’s to use as my under and over exposed photos. These pictures don’t do them justice as to how good they were. My roommate and I love Sloopy’s, especially when she still had her meal plan. I think every OSU student has been there, and if not, it is recommended, especially if you want some comfort food. While being there, you can see groups/clubs meeting there, dates and a place where friends can meet up for any meal of the day. I think Sloopy’s is definitely a part of the identity at Ohio State.






The next photo I used for warm and cooler temperature changes was taken outside the RPAC as the sun was setting. I personally like the cooler temperature photo the best. I think the RPAC and the towers are part of an identity at Ohio State. I’m sure almost every student has been to the RPAC to workout, if not, another gym. The towers have always been a point of direction for myself and I’m sure for others, as well. Growing up on Lake Erie, I thought there was never another place that had beautiful sunsets, but Columbus is convincing me other wise. Same sunset, different style.

Warm Temperature


Cooler Temperature



The first free edit photo I used was taken inside Thompson Library of the Stadium. I love going to the top floors of the library and seeing the view. I did add brightness and a red tint to it, along with a few other colors. I think the colors are pretty fitting for the picture. I think the Thompson Library and the stadium are great examples of identity at Ohio State. From football games to finals in the library, both events are equally important in every Ohio State student’s semester.



The second free edit photo I used is a picture of my boyfriend and I on my apartment building roof (not sure if we were even allowed up there). In the background, you can see the city skyline, which I love seeing. I used the dodge tool to clear out some stains on the rooftop and increased the brightness to make us look like we were just on white ground. I added a red hue into this, as well, since red is a romantic color. I did erase the red out of us and I also erased the brightness from the skyline.

I think that the City of Columbus and the skyline or view is relatable to every student. It’s beautiful, mysterious, point of direction, and full of opportunities. I personally love skylines and driving into cities where you can see majority of the tall buildings.





Blog Post 1

I decided to make my first blog post on the Huff Post. I like that they kind of have dramatic, bold fonts and pictures as the first thing you see on their website. Right now, Donald Trump is pictured with an article about the issues with North Korea. One thing I don’t like about their website is that to access different categories of articles, you have to scroll all the way down to find the one you want. I would personally put different categories in sections at the top of the home page.