Banff – June 2024

On the Interface of Geometric Measure Theory and Harmonic Analysis is a 5 day workshop at BIRS (Banff International Research Station) taking place June 9-14, 2024 focused on finite point configurations, projection problems, and combinatorial problems in fractal geometry.

Organizers: Benjamin Jaye (Georgia Tech), Eyvi Palsson (Virginia Tech), Krystal Taylor (Ohio State), and Alexia Yavicoli (University of British Columbia)

Location: This workshop will take place in beautiful Banff Canada at BIRS (Banff International Research Station)

Mini Courses by:

  • Malabika Pramanik (University of British Columbia, Canada ) title coming soon…
  • Tuomas Orponen (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) Projection problems and approximate incidence geometry

Description: With a history dating back to Leibniz, the modern study of fractals is of interest to a broad range of scientific communities. This 5 day workshop will bring together researchers from around the globe from diverse mathematical backgrounds to explore emerging links between Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory with applications to Ergodic Theory, Dynamical Systems, as well as in Number Theory and Combinatorics.

Different tools and fundamental questions exist in the communities but they unite around the following themes:

  • Investigation of finite point configurations in fractal subsets of Euclidean space
  • Study of dimension and measure of projection sets in the vain of Marstrand’s projection theorem
  • Combinatorial problems in fractal geometry (distance sets, direction sets, Kakeya-type sets)

Creating opportunities for junior mathematicians to work directly with senior mathematicians is a high priority of this workshop.  In addition to hosting two mini courses by leading mathematicians and panel discussions, the workshop will feature lightning talks by junior mathematicians.  A call to apply to give a lightning talk will be announced on this page soon, so please alert your students to this opportunity.

Talks by:

  • Marianna Csörnyei, University of Chicago
  • Polona Durcik, Chapman University 
  • Katrin Fässler, University of Jyväskylä
  • Jonathan Fraser, University of St. Andrews
  • Alex Iosevich, University of Rochester
  • Izabella Laba, University of British Columbia
  • Yumeng Ou, University of Pennsylvania
  • Pablo Shmerkin, University of British Columbia
  • Karoly Simon, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Ville Suomala, University of Oulu
  • Hong Wang, UCLA
  • Bobby Wilson, University of Washington
  • Josh Zahl, University of British Columbia 


  • Balázs Bárány, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • Benjamin Bruce
  • Alan Chang, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Alex Cohen, MIT
  • Blair Davey, Montana State University
  • Damian Dabrowski, University of Jyväskylä
  • Xiumin Du, Northwestern University
  • Natalia Jurga, University of St Andrews
  • Chun Kit Lai, San Francisco State University
  • Bochen Liu, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • Neil Lyall, University of Georgia
  • Dominique Maldague
  • Caleb Marshall, University of British Columbia
  • Alex McDonald, The Ohio State University
  • Brian McDonald, University of Georgia
  • Yuveshen Mooroogen, University of British Columbia
  • Lekha Patil, San Francisco State University
  • Francisco Romero Acosta, Australian National University
  • Steven Senger, Missouri State University
  • Rajula Srivastava, University of Bonn
  • Betsy Stovall, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Tongou Yang, University of Wisconsin Madison
  • Han Yu, University of Warwick

Special Issue: 

We will be publishing a special issue with Springer based on the work related to this conference.  A call for papers will come out soon.


While Banff offers housing and meals, participants will need to find funding for travel.  We have compiled a partial list of funding opportunities here.

Click here to access our workshop page on for additional information.




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