Math 5201 Homework

Instructions: Homework assignments should be submitted on Carmen Canvas. Homework is due on Thursday before the start of class at 10:20 am.  I encourage you to write your homework using LaTex, especially if you are considering an academic track.  Here is a template as well as some additional help and here is a quick symbol reference.  You may also choose to write your homework by hand; please make it neat and legible.

Homework policy: Homework assignments will appear by each Thursday of the semester (except for weeks with a Midterm- see the Calendar) and will due on the following Thursday at the beginning of lecture on Carmen.  Late homework creates difficulty for the grader and puts the student behind.  For the benefit of all involved, late homework will not be accepted unless extenuating circumstances are present. Homework makes up a large percentage of your class grade as it plays an important part in learning and mastering the material. Both correctness and neatness of presentation will be required for full credit. If you use any assistance for your homework solution, including an online source, a classmate’s answer, or a book, the reference or person should be cited at the beginning of your solution. Please do not copy solutions from online sources. It is vital that you learn the material and find your own presentation.

Math 5201- Homework assignments: (*check back regularly for updates.  The following is a rough approximation of the homework.  The final draft of the homework will be announced one week in advance.)

Set 1

Set 2

Set 3 (due: September 17)

Set 4 (due: September 24)

Set 5 (due: October 1)

Set 6 (due: October 8)

Set 7 (due: October 22)

Set 8 (due: October 29)

Set 9 (due: November 5)

Set 10 (due: November 12)

Set 11 (due: November 19)

Set 12 (due: December 3)



Quiz 1

Quiz 2