Fall 2021:

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Fall 2020:

Math 5201- Introduction to Real Analysis- Fall 2020


Math 8210: Topics in Harmonic Analysis and Geometric Measure Theory (GMT)


Recent courses:

Honors Math 3345-Foundations of Higher Mathematics- Spring 2020

Math 6211: Real Analysis I- Autumn 2018, Autumn 2015

Math 6212: Real Analysis II- Spring 2018


Math-to-Industry Seminar and Competition for students:

In September of 2017, I created the Math to Industry initiative for students at OSU to foster industry partnership and communicate the diverse range of career paths available to math degree holders.  Throughout the semester, we invite corporate scientists to speak with current students and share their career paths.

For future speaking events, click here 

 Learn how you can get a meaningful career with your math degree

In October 2018, we hosted our first annual Math-to-Industry case competition sponsored by the prestigious Deloitte consulting firm. Students from diverse STEM majors are given the opportunity to work together in teams and apply their in-classroom skills to real-world problem.  This exciting event takes place over the duration of a weekend.  Check back for our event next year.




MATH READING AND VIDEOS (more books and reading suggested in syllabus):

(found by Michael)

Fun math links (REUs, study abroad, what is math…)

pigeon hole principle (Meyer-2013)



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