About Me

My name is Felix Tang and I am from Shanghai, China. In my spare time, I like cook, play sports, and play games. My love for Chinese food is beyond just simply eating it, but also learning how to cook it. I also like playing sports such as basketball. I’ve been playing basketball since middle school and got to play on the team during high school. Other times that I am not cooking or playing sports, I would spend my time playing games with my friends. We tend to play games such as League of Legends or PUBG most times, but mobile games are always another option.
By myself

I attended Chuan Sha Highschool in Shanghai for my high school career. A few of the most exciting experiences I had were traveling around the world. I’ve been to Australia, Japan, Russia, Italy…etc. But one experience stuck out to me the most, which was traveling to Australia. I was amazed by how harmonious the wildlife and people were living there. Not only does the wildlife on land amazes me, but the ocean was a whole other story. I got the chance to scuba dive and see the marine life so close that it seemed like a fantasy. That was one of the most unforgettable experiences I ever had.

Lastly, I chose to study at Ohio state university because of how big the campus is. OSU provided a diverse environment for me to get to know more people and other cultures. I am also looking forward to the gym because I’ve heard it is the biggest one out of all the colleges in the states. I plan to study in the areas of economic. I chose to study economics because I am interested in this major. I have family members who are working in this area and I hope sooner or later I can work with them too.