Group movie project

Group members: Yang Lixi, Tang Yilei, Feng Yuxin.

Topic: Culture shock in Studying, Living, and Communicating.

Length: It is about 10 minutes.

Plagiarism Assignment

We first intentionally revised the article to a plagiarized one, and then found out where other ‘s articles have broken the plagiarism rules.


Photo Reflection


The first job that I have got through this six-question test is Director of Revenue Management. Briefly, this job’s main work is generally oversee sales and revenue to maximize efficiency and profits. General duties may include planning budgets, developing strategies for growth, and guiding employees on the sales. Directors of revenue management are often required to analyze sales and revenue data, as well as make presentations to managers within their organization.

(director of revenue management)

Personally, this job is not a job that I am interested with. Compare with computer sciences, the director of revenue management is more focus on calculating and analyzing. But for me, I would like to create some useful things rather than help other people to analysis data and the salary.

However, the salary of director of revenue management is pretty high; the median is $85,000. Absolutely, I’m satisfy with the salary part. The 64.3% of the highest degree level earned is bachelor’s. Definitely, there are several chances to get much more higher salary, not only because of several lower degree in remaining 30 percent, but also the date shows that salary will increase as the working experiences accumulating.

Compare with salary, I would prefer the satisfaction of the jobs. Here is two reasons. First, the jobs that I would like to do will increase the passion, so that I will more focus on the job, which also will increase my productivity. The boss of company are willing to recruit me. Second, my emotion will be positive when I do my favorite things, so it will be more easily for me to get a happy life once I have my favorite jobs. 

Another interesting job that I’ve got is Media Director, it is a totally different jobs compare with Director of Revenue Management, not only the manner of working but also the people who contact with. Media director will working with the wide range of people. Also I am much more interested with Media Director, It draws my attention, which makes me getting closer to this job. Continue reading

Personal Profile


Currently, I’m enjoying my summer vacation in Huzhou, Zhejiang, China, spending time with my family and relatives. Huzhou is on the south bank of Taihu Lake, the northernmost point of Zhejiang Province, close to the provincial capital of Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is a beautiful town in the south of the Yangtze River, and only a two-hour  drive from Shanghai. My father mother and my grandmother are living with me. During the vacation we’ve plan to attending my graduation ceremony in Shanghai and traveling. I like sports, for example; basketball is my favorite. I enjoy the process of teamwork and happiness of winning.

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Photographer: Yilei Tang

In general, I have a complex experiences of study. During the middle school, I have been tested by China’s second largest entrance exam, Zhongkao, and finally achieved a good exam score through three years of hard work. But I decided to go an international high school because I dreamed to study abroad. After two years of preparing for the TOEFL and SAT test, I went to a high school in California to finish my senior year. Through my last year experiences, I found that Chinese people’s math skills are outstanding. Compare with my friends in China, my international high school friends could solve more range of math problem, not only the Chinese version of math problems.


Here comes several reasons why I choose OSU. The first and most important reason is that OSU is a variety university. Second, not only because of the high ranking in American, but also the food and big campus attracting me. For my major, I’m planning to study computer sciences. Math and computer appealing me a lot, I always imagining that I could write some intelligent program and have successful masterwork. I believe, for the next 10 to 20 year, computer will always be the most important and indispensable skills. The future world will be more technological and the development of Internet will be more swift.