Module 7 Blog Post

The most useful thing I learn from this module are the app to eliminate online distractions. When I am doing my homework, I can keep my phone muted but I cannot keep my laptop shut because I need to use it to finish my homework and keep it online, the application I learn from module 7 solve my problem and I already using it at the moment I am writing this blog.


The idea I am already using this keep the electronic device from you when you trying to finish your homework or other assignment that requirement high level concentration, because your phone probably is the most “attractive” object around you. through the data I found on my phone, I pick up my phone over 200 times per day and spending at least 3 hours on the screen. If you can keep your phone shut or muted, you can save many times and be more effective.


The idea I will put into the future practice is using progress as a motivator, studying in college is a long term progress, and I usually lose my passion at the end of the semester, because I don’t have a motivator can work that long, So I will giving myself some reward during next semester as a period motivator, in that way I can still working hard in the end of the semester.


I suggest people stay away from their phone during the time they work, as I said in second paragraph, it will work once you overcome it, and you will be benefit in rest of your life.




Module 6 Blog Post

The most useful thing I learned from this module is I understand the difference between searching and researching a question, the difference between the process can lead me to different resources and answers, which is why I am struggling to find the answer or information I wanted when I was writing an essay.

The process I am using currently is three different evaluations of an article that I am about to use. Reliability, Quality, and Utility, it helps me to identify which article or website was the most useful one when I was doing research. I start using this method this week homework, and it let me takes practice before I put it into my work time. I use it on research about the battery industry, which related to one of my current business reports, and it gave positive feedback.

Wikipedia is one of the resources I am going to use, I am always afraid to use Wikipedia because since high school teachers always say that Wikipedia is wrong and we can’t use it as our reference, but it actually provides all the information in every aspect, I think I could use for daily research to have a general idea about my questions.

I suggest people using pre searching evaluation before put reference link under it; it will raise the level of your research if you start to get used to it.

Module 5 Blog Post

From this week module, I learn about different ways of note taking; I was shocked when I noticed it because for a long time I neglect the part that is crucial and happening almost every day in my life. Note taking is best way to record the information that we gathered in the class, and it relates to my job, part of my everyday working is meeting with our potential clients and record the information they provide, I need to write down accurate and abundant information, because it will straightly relate with the loan they can get in the future, I am excited with what I learn about note-taking.

The part that I am already using is active listening, also relate with my daily job, I need to keep my mind with client’s logic, in that way I can take enough note to cover main information and idea about their company’s current circumstances. Also, I am asking the question to drag back clients mind to give me the information I need.

The idea that I will put into the practice in the future is note taking, as I mentioned in the first paragraph, it can help me with both school and work.

I suggest student be an active listener when taking note because it will help you gather the information. It will also guide you to predict the when presenter will mention in the future, because active listening can keep yours and presenter’ logic on the same track, in that way, you can be an excellent note taker.

Module 4 Blog Post

The most useful thing that I learn from this week’s module is the 20 useful websites; this is the first time I found out that are plenty of resources online that I can use, and most of those websites I never heard about it. The only one I use among the list is “Rate My Professor,” and I use it before I chose the classes I want to take.


I am currently trying to focus on one assignment or activity at a time, which it be mentioned in this week’s module. I was said that I try to turn off my cell phone when I am focused on my homework, and it work very well on me. I think I can finish my homework or activity very efficiently.


The 20 websites are the example I am about to use. I think these websites can help me with the rest of my college life. The “Bibme” is the one that I want to try the most, especially it can automatically generate source citation, which can save many of my time. I have an essay that requires over 20 citations next week; I will use Bibme when I am working on it.


About the suggestion to another student, I think it will be focus on only one assignment at once, I turn off my electronic devices when I am doing my homework for two weeks, at first it’s hard to stop myself touching those devices, once I did my homework efficiently, I am gaining endurance from my phone.





Module 3 Blog Post

1: The most useful thing I learn from this module is about how to overcome procrastination and building concentration, step by step, this is critical to my rest of life, because I want myself to be productive not someone wait till the last minute to finish the homework, which both the quality and quantity will not be good.

2 The part that I am doing recently is reducing the digital distraction, which is very useful to me, I try to turn off my cell phone and disable the notification function, in that way, I will not be distracted by my cellphone or any noise made by electronic device, I found out this is super useful, because I can be productive during the time I am working, and since I use this method, I save about 80 of time that I usually has been wasted.

3 In this module, I think I can use the method about overcome procrastination, I can be very productive right now, but most of the time I am not giving my self enough time to do the homework because when I start it, it usually very late. I want to use the part that tells me facing my work not avoid it, and let one of my friends keep asking me about the process of the homework.

4 I suggest people keep their phone away from them when they want to be concentrated, because, on average, people spending over 30 hours a week on the screen. If you can using 5 hours of these unnecessary scene time, you can finish almost all of your school work.

Reference: Module 3 lesson about overcome procrastination

Module 2 Blog Post

Use of technology tools to develop positive online relationships around academic projects; this is the part I am already working on. For instance, Google doc, in the module 2 lesson, it mentioned about Google doc in the very end, I think google doc make academic project easier than before, back to the old time, you need to have a group meeting and send your group mate s your work, since we have google doc, we are saving much time that has been wasted. Nowadays, I use google doc or related product every day, even the project in module 2 requires we use Google sheet to record our daily life. I don’t like talking in person when I have a group project, it only makes me feel uncomfortable, and it’s hard to find a time that all the group members can meet up together, also the room and space we can’t meet is limited, especially before the due, all the study rooms, and the library will be packed. The Google doc let me can share my work with make group mates, and they will notice once I make some change, and also I will notice the change they made, we all can do our part in our room, which is the place make me feel comfortable, with the same template, we could save the time that gathers all the work.