Three Learning Facts to Remember

Log onto the Carmen home a minimum three times per week

Logging onto the carmen homepage consistently each week is associated with higher grades for students that really read the directions for each assignment. Get into the habit of checking inconsistently, even daily, to read discussion posts, check for instructor announcements and/or review course materials. Also, records all of your submission of your assignments just in case something happens where you have to show proof.

Manage your time well

Just because you can access your work 24-7 doesn’t mean it’s a good practice. I suggest that you do the following schedule time for email communications, discussion-board postings, feedback, and reading ahead of time that way if you have any questions you can get help sooner than waiting until the day of the assignments is due. As well with online classes always create a folder on your desktop to save the syllabus along with reading materials and your assignments.

Encourage collaboration

Students will engage more if they get the chance to connect with each other, academically and socially, but this can be challenging to do online. The online project was very fun and I had the opportunity to work with others students. Try giving assignments that demand online collaboration. Also, get to know your classmate’s whether it’s in an online class or in-person class. I know for sure collaboration is something that I will experience in the workforce, so I like the idea of practicing now is my classes with projects.

Educational Tools online

For the ESL TECH 2011 post discussion check-in for week 5 I will be discussing my results in my reflection paper.  For this week, I often planned out my work before starting the discussion, regularly checked the course guidelines to be successful along with completing the reading materials before engaging in the online discussion. So, that I can have more background of the information I just learned and ways to explain to classmates. I set up my own due dates to complete the assignments ahead of time for all my classes so I can earn good grades. I understand the nature of the task but often have to download the files to keep track of my reading along with notes, highlight sections. Then consult with a family member or friend that is knowledgeable in the context of this week topic. I often speak with my academic advisor on how this context can relate to my life and major. While I watch online videos I write down the important context such as new terms then reply the video many times to really understand the information. As I compared along with contrasted different concepts from the video I discover new materials concepts to discuss in the discussion board.

This week really help me focus on advantages and disadvantages of online credible resources by answering the 5w model that was mentioned in technology try out the assignment. Of course, I always read my post along with using Grammarly to make sure my message correctly states what I want or maybe need to say and organize my thoughts. I read all of my responses to gain different perspectives and comment on other posts in a timely manner. I regularly checked the discussion board or subscribed to my discussion thread to keep up to date and make sure that I understand the course context. I find that these results describe myself as a hardworking independent individual who strives on success willing to receive feedback or help as a way to encourage myself to do better. But never give on your goals all you need is motivation and determination to get the task done.

Online Collaboration

This was the first time that I was assigned a project for an online class. So, my expectation for the assignment was set very high and was hoping that my group shared the same value. At the beginning of the week, we sent out emails then agreed that GroupMe would be the perfect communication for us. Most of the group members kinda waited until Saturday morning of this week to respond back, each member explains their collaboration preference sheet which leads to the group meeting notes that my group member submitted that night.

Then we discuss the timeline of the project along with the positions. With this online project, I feel that the difficult part for us was finding time to work together as a team also collaborating together effectively. In the past, I experienced group members not participating slacking off and then I have to complete all the work myself for an in-class assignment. One of the most important steps to being a successful online group member is to get to know the other group members as soon as possible (Richardson,2004). I feel that this statement is very true for any group assignment and if my group did this then we will not have a problem, to begin with.

This difficulty happen because I feel that we did not share our values at the beginning of this assignments. I feel that we all contributed to this because we didn’t respond quickly to the email. For this, I know for sure we can overcome this issue by using Google to share notes along with GroupMe so that we can have a great time to complete this assignment. The complexities of today’s technologically supported, information-based global workplace present challenges to collaboration in business, industry, and government (Richardson,2004).GroupMe, Google and Microsoft office are technologies that will help me facilitate group processes in future projects and will definitely improve my skills now by using these technologies now in my everyday life.

Time, Task and Environment Management

I feel that the group project was very easy once we completed the online group meeting to discuss the materials along with the work. Together we feel that the best option was to divide each part among the group members so that everyone can work on the project. So, we got done with the powerpoint first then added over voices to the voice thread to explain each powerpoint slide. We did an issue where someone was busy at the moment so others had to record their voice when I turn in the assignment. Voicethread was a new online tool and will use in the future.  I do believe if this project was more in-depth then more issues would arise with an online group. But I’m glad that all of my group members decided to take responsibility to complete their part of the project.

From the reading, this week according to “Oregon state” explains six reasons why people procrastinate that really sound familiar in my household. I Don’t Feel Like Doing It, But, I Don’t Know How, But, What If I Can’t Cut It, How Can I Top This? This Stuff Is Just Plain Boring and lastly You Can’t Make Me. I realized that I said all of these sayings when I was a freshman in college because I didn’t think I could do it, therefore, I just gave up easily or just waited until the last minutes to complete my assignments. Over the years, I learn how to time management by using google calendar, reminders on my phone and use my brain to remember so I can be organized. Now, I always try to complete my assignments ahead of the due date so that I can watch Netflix later.