Implementing learning strategies

Throughout this class we have been introduced to numerous techniques to help facilitate our online learning experience. Although there have been many techniques that I believe will be useful, I am particularly interested in alternative note taking strategies.

Efficient and accurate notes are one of the most important traits of a successful college student. Although I do not like typing my notes, I would like to start getting comfortable with it and doing it more often. I have only used Word for keeping notes, and I find that it is hard for me to organize my notes on that platform. Luckily, there are alternatives. In this course we were introduced to a note taking software called Evernote. Evernote seems like a great way to take notes and organize them with ease. Another big perk to it is that it can be accessed through your phone, tablet and laptop. Note taking is not just essential for college, but it will also be important for the professional world.




Online Collaboration Tools

Online collaboration is something that I think will be very important well after this course. With that said, I have compiled a few resources to further explore how online collaboration can be done seamlessly.

You’ll notice that Trello is also on this list. The only platforms on this list I have used are Trello and Slack. Slack is an excellent way to communicate with a group and next time I am involved in online collaboration I will suggest that we use it.

I found that communication is incredibly important for the fluidity of an online project. This site does an incredibly thorough job of advising the reader on how to improve group communication in the online setting.

Coming from a reputable source, this is a great run down of the ways to be successful in a virtual collaboration setting.




Take aways from this class

1.Online group collaboration is difficult at first

Having never done a group online project, I found that there were many difficult aspects of it. These difficulties chiefly being communication and organization. In the traditional classroom setting it is much easier to communicate and organize a group project. Despite these initial difficulties, I learned that online group projects can be conducted with ease if the right platforms and communication practices are used.

2. Online courses require more organization and planning

Taking this course exposed me to the fact that online courses take more active organizing/planning. More often than not in traditional classrooms you are reminded of upcoming assignments quite frequently. Online courses do not provide this same luxury, requiring the student to take a more proactive role at going over what is due, and when.

3. This course has been a great introduction to online courses

Although I will continue to prefer taking traditional classroom classes, this course has been a great overview of how to take online courses. Prior to taking this class, I had never used the online platform for a university course. The two most important things I have gotten from this class are an introduction to conducting online group projects, and an introduction to the numerous technology platforms. I do not foresee taking many online courses for the rest of my time in college, but learning how to conduct successful and efficient online group projects will certainly carry over into the professional world. The technologies that have been introduced in this class can also carry over to the professional world, such as Trello and google docs.