Motivation When Taking Online Classes

I know sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself when taking an online class. Sometimes you forget or even you jusy don’t want to because an assignment may not be due so you continuously put it on the back burner. I’m going to share two ways I motivate myself when taking online classes. My second semester as a freshman I was completely online but that was something I chose to do based on my health issues and not wanting to be penalized for my absence. I knew it would be a little difficult do to the fact they were online and it was only my first year in college. One of the ways I motivate myself is my journaling or reflecting. I bought a journal and I bullet journal or regular journal by writing about the things I want to accomplish or just thinking back on my day and everything I did and the things I need to do. My other reflecting space is an app called reflectly and it’s an app that has prompt questions that you answer and even a mood rant. Some times you can’t get out what you want to say an although there alos a nite section just for you to write the questions help you think and you can always edit them. Another way I motivate myself is setting reminders on everything. All my products are apple from my phone down to my watch. When I have a reminder it goes off on everything so if I don’t see it on my latop or ipad I most likely will see it on my phone or watch. Setting consistent reminders especially the same time everyday for mutiple things you will see it and if it’s just sitting there you’ll want to get rid of it. There’s nothing like marking a task done. Finally, one other things I do is saying to myself everyday and that is:

“GoodMorning 🌻 , Don’t forget people can believe in you and motivate you but if you don’t have the motivation yourself then what’s the point someone else isn’t gone go get that degree for you it’s about the hard work and dedication you put in to be great. Let’s finish the day out strong and successful don’t let anything or anyone stop your motivation and determination today.  As long as you do your best and you try you should be proud of yourself. 😄😘

Don’t let your temporary situation be your final resting place 🧘🏾‍♀️🧐”

Unusual Study Techniques

Some people find this to be very strange or distracting but listening to music if one of the ways that truly keeps me focused when doing work, homework, exam prepping. I’m not exactly sure why but something about music gets me in my zone and keeps me on task. I’ve always done work of any sort while listening to music atleast since the age of 10. I don’t just listen to any kind of music either I usually just put music on shuffle and let things play. Some make think that the lyrics can be distracting but for me they don’t even if i just hum the words I’m still on task. Music is very stimulating to me and actually helps me with my memory a whole lot. I listen to various genres of music from jazz, hiphop , r&b, instrumentals this list goes on. While doing my eporfolio I listen to music, it seems like it almost put me in a trance and I just work and it becomes hard for me to get distracted once I turn music on. Reading a book, drawing you name it I’m listening to music and it has helped me alot when getting homework done or even studying and proceeding to pass the exam when I take it. I make one of playlist of even just shuffle as I said before but one of my faves is lofi. Lofi is instrumental music, on youtube there’s 24 hour live stream of lofi hip hop, lofi jazz, any many more. There are different stations that are for you to study to, relax, sleep and any other thing you can think of. ( If any of you would ever like me to share my playlist with you just message me)


iPad using 101

For almost three years now I have been digitally taking my notes for almolst everything inside of school and out. At first I wasn’t sure how comfortable with it I would be or how long it would take me to get use to it. Surprisingly I got use to it very quickly and it became second hand to me for alot of things. It’s easy for me to keep notes and study guides without loosing them. When teachers gove handouts, guided notes, review questions, etc I can simply just can them and have them on my ipad and cut down on my use of paper. It makes it alot easier for me to write on stuff, add annotations or any little note por edit for myself especially when the teacher wants the handouts or assignments back. I can just go on my ipad and review them whenever im doing other homework, projects, or studying for an exam. Rec ording lecture is another great way for using my ipad even more so if im writing and didn’t quite catch what the professor said while i was writing i can just go back to it later.