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Reflections on Patient Care
Looking back at my time in medical school has highlighted a change in my opinion of what patient care means. I first felt that patient care was based in having the medical knowledge to diagnose and treat the patient’s ailment. I have come to see that (More)
Learning and Teaching
Objective: Identify one’s own strengths, weaknesses, and limits A)seek and respond appropriately to performance feedback; b)maintain an appropriate balance of personal and professional commitments; c)seek help and advice when needed I've reflec (More)
Attention to Compassion
Objective: Understand the role of disease prevention and health promotion in relation to individual patients and/or patient populations and utilize these principles in clinical encounters. Objective: Appropriately use system resources and assist p (More)
Did I ask everything?
Objective: Demonstrate a broad working knowledge of the fundamental science, principles, and processes basic to the practice of medicine and apply this knowledge in a judicious and consistent manner to prevent common health problems and achieve effec (More)
Steering The Patient Interview
Objective: Approach the care of patients as a cooperative endeavor, integrating patients’ concerns and ensuring their health needs are addressed. The interview, more times than not, provides the most useful information for clinical decisions. The (More)
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