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Leadership Development Summary
This year, I had the pleasure of being in a mentor-mentee pair with Shivani Patel. Shivani is a first-year Public Health major on the premed track from the Cleveland area of Ohio. Shivani had picked Ohio State as the college to continue her education (More)
Global Awareness: I have found that the academic environment has been the most common place for me to meet people of different backgrounds, especially in science courses. I am very eager to work in lab and meet new people that may be different in all (More)
Global Awareness As a Russian and Linguistics major, global involvement is paramount. I have already had the privilege to travel to Costa Rica, Germany, Georgia (the country), and Armenia on two different study abroad trips, and I'm not going to s (More)
Service Engagement- Capstone Project
            Mirrors Sophomore Class Honorary Mirrors Sophomore Honorary w (More)
Sophomore Capstone
This year has definitely been a crazy one and finding a long-term service opportunity was definitely tricky, especially one that would help me reach my goals. Luckily, after some research, I was able to find an OSU organization called Best Food Forwa (More)
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