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Interpreted Journey
RESPONSE TO SAUNDERS How do you know when a drawing is done? There are many different standards by which a drawing could be completed; it often depends on the goal, and who is evaluating it.  From the artist’s perspective, a drawing might be (More)
Spatial Assembly
This project was all about creating our own 3D rooms using a grid that we measured out ourselves. To fill the room, we took essential shapes and transformed them into everyday o (More)
Abstracted Metamorphosis
This project was all about breaking down everyday objects into their essential components and abstracting them into something new. We could only rearrange these essential co (More)
Journey To Treasure
For this project, we focused on actively observing our surroundings. We had to create our own journey for someone else to go on, but also had to take someone else's journey. (More)
Interpreted Journey
This project was all about converting our initial journey into a new story from a new perspective (flying, being chased, or being on a new planet). We had to use different compos (More)
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