Symposium:  China and the Jews in the Modern Era

For those who are interested in attending the symposium, China and the Jews in the Modern Era, at the Mershon Center on 19 April 2015 but are out of town, out of state, overseas, etc., we are experimenting with presenting the event as a simultaneous webinar via CarmenConnect (which uses Adobe Connect).

To attend the symposium remotely on 19 April 2015, go to:


The virtual meeting room is set up to be accessible by anyone with a link, so feel free to pass it along. Those affiliated with OSU can log in with their OSU ID, and those not affiliated with OSU can log in as a guest using their name (e.g., “John Smith”). All those who log in are “participants” in the list of attendees at the webinar.

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect webinar before, it would be helpful to go into the online meeting room at least 10 or so minutes before the symposium begins (officially at 8:50 a.m. for a few welcoming remarks) or before the presentation that you wish to attend during the day. Since we are conducting the simultaneous webinar as an experiment, there may very well be glitches along the way, and apologize in advance in case there are some problems along the way.

The following information may be helpful if you are unfamiliar with CarmenConnect / Adobe Connect.

A.  Helpful instructions: A couple of webpages provide useful instructions to get you started:

1. Equipment Requirements & Set Up Information


2. Audio Setup Wizard


3. Connection Test & Connect Add-In


Note: You are entering the meeting in the role of a “participant,” so please ignore information concerning the roles of “host” and “presenter.”

B. Helpful Videos: A couple of YouTube videos on the role of participants in an Adobe Connect presentation:

1. Adobe Connect Training: Participants


2.  Adobe Connect Overview (Participant View)


C. Adobe Connect Available for Windows and Macs, as well as for mobile devices, with apps for Android and iOS. So, if you plan to use your cellphone or a tablet, be sure to install the Adobe Connect app for your iOS or Android device.


Hope the above is helpful, and see you at the symposium if you are planning to attend it remotely. Since conducting this event with a simultaneous webinar is experimental, there may very well be glitches and problems along the way. Please bear with us and apologies in advance!