How to have water for everyone in Ohio

“Clean water is the backbone to any great society. You’re not going to have healthy humans without it. You’re not going to have a healthy economy without it. You’re not going to have a healthy environment without it.”

So begins “… And Water for All,” a documentary film that premiered on March 22, World Water Day, at a program hosted by CFAES’ Environmental Professionals Network.

Written and directed by Ramiro Berardo, associate professor of environmental policy in the CFAES School of Environment and Natural Resources, the film explores issues around water in Ohio:

  • how we can’t live without it;
  • the threats around it (interviews include Toledoans who experienced their city’s 2014 water crisis); and
  • the rebuilding needed—of public water systems, of public trust—to provide affordable, safe water for every Ohioan.

Watch “… And Water for All” (55:41) for free on YouTube above.

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Keep it healthy and green, with little or no runoff of nutrients affecting water quality

Get tips for keeping lawns green and waters blue in a newly revised fact sheet from CFAES.

Called “Efficient Lawn Care Practices to Help Protect Ohio’s Waterways,” the fact sheet details exactly that—ways to get the most out of your fertilizer dollar, make your lawn as healthy as it can be, and prevent the runoff of nutrients that can lead to harmful algal blooms.

What’s the best time of year to apply fertilizer? Why test your soil? What does “N-P-K” mean? Answers are in the fact sheet, whose authors are experts from CFAES and Davey Tree.

You can read or download the fact sheet free at (Photo: Getty Images.)

Celebrate World Water Day with EPN, doc debut

The next monthly breakfast program by CFAES’ Environmental Professionals Network—set for Tuesday, March 22, which is World Water Day—features the debut of And Water for All. The original documentary film explores the many perspectives of providing drinking water and wastewater services to Ohioans. You can watch the film’s trailer above.

The full morning program features a total of three sessions (the film debut is the first) and offers continuing education credit. Sponsors also include the Water Management Association of Ohio and Ohio State’s Ohio Water Resources Center and TerrAqua student group,

How to use manure, protect environment

Manure happens. And when it does, there are ways you can use it that help crops grow and yet also protect the environment.

That’s the premise of Waste to Worth 2022, set for April 18–22 near Toledo, which will share the latest science on animal agriculture and environmental stewardship.

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Get all the latest on conservation tillage

Wondering how climate change may affect agriculture, food quality, and public health? Want to learn how tile drainage impacts river flashiness? Or what kinds of insects are beneficial for sustainable agriculture? The answers to these questions and more will be discussed during the annual Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference (CTC), held March 8–9 in Ada, Ohio. The conference is presented by CFAES and other supporters.

Read the full story. (Photo: Reduced tillage corn, Getty Images.)

The latest science on animal agriculture and the environment

Waste to Worth 2022, described as for “those who make or influence environmental management decisions on livestock and poultry farms,” takes place April 18–22 near Toledo. CFAES Dean Cathann A. Kress, OSU Extension climate specialist Aaron Wilson, and Chris Winslow, director of Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory, will be among the speakers.

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