Farm tour Tuesday to feature diversified veggies

Market“I think what visitors will learn is the real time commitment and dedication it takes to manage a year-round, highly diversified farming operation,” says OSU Extension Educator Jerry Iles about Tuesday’s Diversified Vegetable Farm Tour at Schultz Valley Farms in southeast Ohio. Read a press release about the tour here. Iles calls the owners, Josh and Lynne Schultz, “amazing young producers.”

Hot August days: Sustainable Farm Tour Series

Sustainable urban produceThe Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series continues this weekend in central Ohio. The Pasture-based Livestock and Poultry Tour is Saturday in Williamsport. The Sustainable Urban Produce Farm Tour is Sunday in Columbus. For details, go here and see pages 34 and 39.

The top insect friends of your vegetable garden

Cool video by our college on the natural enemies of vegetable pests (25:03). Support these hungry helpers (mantises, lady beetles, parasitic wasps, and others plus non-insects such as spiders) and get fewer pests, spray less, and see your costs go down and yields go up. (Good yields, profits, and biodiversity, too, are foundations of sustainability.) Featured are scientist Mary Gardiner and others from our Department of Entomology and IPM program.