I looked a coyote right in the face

The next monthly program by CFAES’ Environmental Professionals Network (EPN), “Coyotes, Coffee, and Carnivores” is Tuesday, Feb. 15, online or in person. The theme is “exploring human-animal coexistence in a crowded world.” The esteemed speaker lineup includes Stan Gehrt, CFAES’ own world-renowned expert on urban wildlife.

Get details about the EPN program, including how to register.

CFAES reads for Sept. 24, 2020

Regenerative agriculture movement gains traction

Food Institute Blog, Sept. 18; Rattan Lal, School of Environment and Natural Resources (SENR), cited

Western wildfires cause hazy skies, intense Ohio sunsets

Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 16; featuring Aaron Wilson, OSU Extension

Are coyotes moving into your neighborhood?

Science News for Students, Sept. 3; featuring Stan Gehrt, SENR

Coyotes looking at you (oh-oh, oh-oh)

Is city life changing coyotes? In a new study underway in Cleveland, Chicago, Columbus, and Cincinnati, Stan Gehrt, CFAES’ renowned urban coyote expert, is hoping to find out. He says whether you’re a rabbit, a rat, or typical city dweller or suburbanite, “coyotes spend a lot of time watching us.” Read the story.

Helping people understand coyotes

Stan Gehrt has recent reason to howl. The scientist in CFAES’ School of Environment and Natural Resources, who has pioneered research on urban coyotes, was featured in the March edition of the National Wildlife Federation’s Ranger Rick magazine for children (“Coyotes in the City”); and was quoted in Newsweek magazine on Feb. 14 and April 26 (“Are Canada Goose Jackets Inhumane? The Controversy Explained” and “Coyotes Are New York’s Newest Immigrants,” respectively).

More information on Gehrt’s work is available on the website for his Chicago-based Urban Coyote Research Project.

Also check out CFAES’ Urban Coyotes: Conflict and Management fact sheet. (Photo: Getty Images.)

How to keep urban coyotes a respectful distance

What not to do if you see a coyote? Run back into your house, says CFAES scientist Stan Gehrt, an expert on urban coyotes, in a recent article in The Atlantic. “Over time, when you do that, coyotes learn they can make people disappear,” he says.

The article features a stylin’ way to coyote proof your dog (not shown). Read the full story. Then learn about Gehrt’s coyote research.

Sure, you love seeing wildlife, but what should you do when THIS happens?

Today (April 23) is the deadline to register for “The Good, the Bad and the Hungry: Managing Wildlife Conflict Around Your Home,” a workshop offered by CFAES’s Ohio Woodland Stewards Program on Friday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in 229 Riedl Hall, 1760 University Drive, at Ohio State’s Mansfield campus. Registration is $35 and includes lunch. Register online.

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