Learn to grow veggies in winter … in Ohio … when it’s often rather cold out

Basket of vegetablesThe 2016 Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series presents its penultimate event this Thursday, Nov. 10. “Season Creation: Pay For Your High Tunnel in Six Months Harvesting Food Through the Winter” goes from noon to 4 p.m. at Gorman Heritage Farm in Evendale near Cincinnati. The focus is on using high tunnels and grow rooms to produce a year-round supply of fresh veggies and more. Advantages include higher off-season prices, less competition, year-round cash flow, and less or no need for off-farm income. There’s a fee for this one ($80 or $100), preregistration is required, and space is limited to 35 people. Learn more.

How to grow fresh food in winter, even in Ohio

Dog dressed with hat, scarf and sweater, sitting on snowThis workshop’s name says it all: “Season Creation — Pay for Your High Tunnel in Six Months Harvesting Food Through the Winter.” It’s from noon to 4 p.m. this Thursday, Sept. 22, at the Mustard Seed Market at Highland Square in Akron. There’s a fee to register. Space is limited. It’s part of the Ohio Sustainable Farm Tour and Workshop Series. Details …

Farm tour Tuesday to feature diversified veggies

Market“I think what visitors will learn is the real time commitment and dedication it takes to manage a year-round, highly diversified farming operation,” says OSU Extension Educator Jerry Iles about Tuesday’s Diversified Vegetable Farm Tour at Schultz Valley Farms in southeast Ohio. Read a press release about the tour here. Iles calls the owners, Josh and Lynne Schultz, “amazing young producers.”