40 good reasons to go to the Gwynne

Monarch Butterfly on PrairieSee woods, ponds and prairie — and prairie plant compadres like this monarch butterfly — in the Gwynne Conservation Area during the Sept. 20-22 Farm Science Review in London, Ohio. Then check out the 40-some talks in the area that are scheduled throughout the Review. Many of the speakers will be experts from CFAES. Trees, fish, wetlands and wildlife will be among the topics — plus managing pastures, safety with chainsaws and even Zika mosquitoes. See a complete schedule of the talks here. Read more here.

Hang a fish on your Christmas tree

picture of fish ornament on christmas treeWhat to do with old Christmas trees? Sink them in your pond, if you have one, to give fish a place to hang out — and to give you, if you fish for those fish, a better chance of finding and catching them. The trees provide structure; structure tends to concentrate fish. A free online fact sheet by CFAES’s outreach arm, OSU Extension, shows you step by step how to do it. (Photo: iStock.)

30 steps to green land, fishy water, and small plump birds who call their name

Better fishing in your farm pond. Better success when you plant new trees. Fewer nuisance wildlife problems. More singing bobwhite quail, or even just any for starters. Natural resource experts from Ohio State, Purdue, and several agencies will give 30 presentations at Farm Science Review next month, all in the Gwynne Conservation Area, and all on a single theme: ways to manage your land even better — your woods, waters, and wildlife. They’ve posted the topics and schedule (pdf).