ABCs of GDDs; or, how to see how spring is springing

Image of phenology website 2Check spring’s progress using CFAES’s online Growing Degree Day Phenological Calendar. Enter your ZIP code and track the latest status of plant and insect development in your area, all based on how warm (or not) it’s been. The idea behind it: Knowing when key pests are present and vulnerable allows farmers, gardeners and other plant people to spray less pesticide, a boost to economic and environmental sustainability.

Phenology? It’s what’s happening

OSU Extension’s Denise Ellsworth, a Summit County-based educator, will speak on phenology (scroll down to 3:30 p.m.) — the study of the timing of life cycle events of plants and animals — at an upcoming symposium on climate change at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Together with Dan Herms, Entomology, she coordinates Ohio State’s Phenology Garden Network, the largest network like it in North America. Read a May 26 Cleveland Plain Dealer story about it. What’s going on at your house?