Get expert advice on organic lawn care

“More people are asking for information regarding organic lawn care,” says CFAES’ “Natural Organic Lawn Care” fact sheet, which aims to answer any questions you may have about mowing, fertilizing, weeds, pests, and more. It even offers a spring-to-fall calendar of what you should do and when. Check it out. (Photo: Getty Images.)

How well do organic lawn fertilizers work?

lawn mower for GBIn a recent greenhouse study by OARDC scientists (pdf; click the down arrow to p. 29), organic lawn fertilizers produced higher-quality turfgrass, taller growth of grass blades, and a greater capacity to resist pests when compared to a popular chemical fertilizer. Testing the fertilizers under field conditions is needed as the next step in the research, the scientists say. OARDC is CFAES’s research arm.