Environmental leaders, here’s how to take your skills higher

Registration is open for CFAES’s 2017 Ohio Environmental Leaders Institute. The program, its website says, “provides environmental and natural resources professionals with the skills needed to better address the many complex environmental issues facing our state.” Get details (including speakers, topics and dates). Register by Sept. 22.

Register for Ohio Environmental Leaders Institute

Registration is open for CFAES’s 2016 Ohio Environmental Leaders Institute. The program is for environmental, natural resource and sustainability professionals and volunteers who lead or aspire to lead collaborative processes to achieve more sustainable organizations, businesses and communities.

This year’s program, says co-organizer Joe Bonnell of CFAES’s School of Environment and Natural Resources, will focus on “sustainable infrastructure as a topic area, but, as always, the purpose of the program is to build capacity in Ohio to engage in constructive dialogue and build collaborative partnerships across sectors and disciplines to address complex environmental and natural resource issues.”

Get details and register here.

‘The great responsibility humans have’

CFAES student Michael Sabo, a graduating senior in Environmental Policy and Decision Making, talks about his “Environmental Awakening” in a recent essay on the Environmental Professionals Network website:

“I began to understand the great responsibility humans have to decide how to best manage this global garden. Because of this, I accepted the notion that humans can be part of nature, and yet somehow different, with the weight of the world on our shoulders. What this meant to me was that my actions matter a great deal. Every day I am faced with so many choices, but in understanding my role as a steward and gardener of the Earth, I must try to make the best decisions possible.”

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