Give it the gas? Listen to this: 19 days till Wooster’s green fair

OARDC Compressed Natural Gas CarFive speakers set for the Wooster Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair have gas. And they plan to let you know it. A talk and panel discussion at the event will expand on compressed natural gas, or CNG. How does it work as a vehicle fuel? Is it cheaper? Greener? The speakers, including from Orrville’s Smith Dairy, Wooster’s Pallotta Ford Lincoln and the Wayne County Engineer’s Office, have know-how on using CNG and converting cars and trucks to run on it. The fair is on Earth Day, April 22, at CFAES’s OARDC in Wooster. Fun fact: OARDC itself is testing CNG vehicles in its fleet. (Photo: K.D. Chamberlain.)

OARDC adds greener, bi-fuel vehicles to its fleet

OARDC, CFAES’s research arm, now has four environmentally friendly bi-fuel vehicles on the road as part of a new demonstration project. The vehicles can run on gasoline or compressed natural gas (CNG), which is a less-polluting, less-expensive fuel. Furthermore, most of the CNG is expected to come from renewable, locally produced, non-fossil-fuel-based biogas. Read the story …